Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1083

Chapter 1083 Ive Heard That Youve Been Ditched 3

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Huang Yueli had not met Li Xue’er for quite a number of days already.

As compared to her usual glamorous look, the current Li Xue’er cut a sorry figure and her face was pale. Furthermore, she seemed to have lost weight as her cheek bone was already popping out.

Usually when Li Xue’er saw her, she would go on a detour simply because she was scared of being beaten up and afraid that she could find some handle over her and get a beating again.

But today, not only did Li Xue’er not avoid her, she even walked up to her in big strides as a smile of ridicule hung on her face.

“Bai Ruoli, I heard…. that you’ve been ditched by my Second Brother! That’s just so satisfying!”

Huang Yueli’s footsteps took a halt as she swept a cold glance at her, “Xiao Ming’s grandpa isn’t a practitioner but he managed to live till one hundred and twenty years old, do you know why?”

Li Xue’er didn’t expected her to say that and went into a blank, “… Why?”

“Because he never meddled in other people’s business!”

Huang Yueli threw this sentence at her and turned around to leave.

She had no time to tangle herself with this dumb thing!

However, after Li Xue’er realised what she said, her face turned into livid and she pursued her relentless, blocking her way as she cried out utterly discomfited, “You… what do you mean? Bai Ruoli, you still dare to be so arrogant?”

Huang Yueli sneered, “What do I mean? I mean exactly what the words mean! Care about your own affairs first! After you’ve been chased out by Master Tang, your days in the academy isn’t that easy going right? To tell you the truth, Principal Jiang didn’t expel you because of your Second Brother, so if you don’t tuck your tail behind properly, then better return back to South Yue Kingdom earlier!”

“You…..” Li Xue’er’s almost gagged on her own anger but didn’t dare to make a move against Huang Yueli, so she could only stare daggers at her and she said meanly, “Enough, stop pretending! Yesterday a lot of people in the academy had already seen it, that Second Brother of mine sat on a luxurious flying ship and left Celestial Light Academy. Beside him… was an outstanding beauty!”

Hearing that, Huang Yueli was stunned.

“… an outstanding beauty?”

Li Xue’er saw her surprised look and thought that she had poked through her thoughts, her heart began to gain some balance as she became pleased with herself.

“Hehe, actually a lot of people know about it, that my Second Brother…. Is Celestial Light Sect’s Young Sect Master right? Tsk tsk, he really had that hidden very well! As for you, you are also able to be able to tell that my Second Brother’s identity is extraordinary but still pretended not to know and plastered yourself onto him. This tactic is really high! But your calculations have gone haywire! Do you think my Second Brother will really marry you?”

“I’ll tell you about it! Yesterday that outstanding beauty who left with Second Brother, is rumoured to be….. Celestial Light Sect Sect Master’s daughter, a real Sect’s daughter. Her status is invaluable and moreover she’s an eighth grade peerless genius. As compared to her, you’re not even an ant! Who let you be so complacent several days ago? How about now? Second Brother left you in the academy and went back along with the Sect Master’s daughter?”

“Now, the entire school knows Second Brother is sick of you and have ditched you!”

The more Li Xue’er said, the more complacent she became and she almost couldn’t help but laughed out loudly.

Ever since the day she was openly humiliated by Huang Yueli and Li Moying at the Profound Weapon Chambers, and thrown out to run around naked, her reputation in the academy had fallen to the bottom of the deep abyss!

In the past, there were large families talented sons surrounding her.

But now? Even if an ordinary trash student dared to hit on her, it was obvious that it was done with the intent of fooling around with her.