Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1084

Chapter 1084 Ive Heard That Youve Been Ditched 4

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This kind of humiliation… was all due to Huang Yueli!

Luckily, karmic retribution within one’s lifetime came very quickly!

It was finally this wretched lass’s turn to become an abandoned woman!

Huang Yueli seemed to not have heard her ridicule, but only lowered her tone while lost in her thoughts, “So…. he brought Murong Fei away?”

Sigh, Li Moying was just too nice to her. He already left dejectedly but was so considerate of her, taking away all those who could possibly hurt her…..

Such a good man like this….. Mn, she must grab hold of him properly and not make the same mistake as in her previous life!

Li Xue’er saw that she was neither shocked nor upset, but instead she began to smile and she couldn’t help but frown.

“Hey! Bai Ruoli, have you gone crazy? Or has water gone into your head? What are you laughing at?”

Li Xue’er looked at her for a while and suddenly she started laughing out, “Oh, right, you’d always been day dreaming that you will be able to marry Second Brother, flying up to the branch to become a phoenix? Now that your beautiful dream is shattered, no wonder you’re going crazy! Why don’t you take a mirror and check yourself out. Did you think that you have settled Emperor Father and made him confer the marriage arrangement to become Second Brother’s official fiancée? Let me tell you! For Second Brother, a genius in the Sect, only the Sect Master can preside over his marriage. Emperor Father’s words are not accurate at all! Which means to say…”

She paused for a moment and intentionally said out word by word, “You are not Second Brother’s fiancée! Only his plaything!”

Huang Yueli knew that Li Moying had done so much for her so all the more she wanted to find him quickly and had lost her patience to talk further with Li Xue’er.

Unfortunately, Li Xue’er didn’t knew she was courting her own death as she keep chattering non stop by the side of her ear.

Huang Yueli couldn’t be bothered to say anything else to her, and couldn’t care less about teaching her a lesson so she shoved her aside and wanted to continue on her way forward.

Li Xue’er didn’t knew that she had escaped a calamity but still continued to tug at her sleeve.

“Hey, Bai Ruoli you’re leaving just like that? Com’on, let’s have a good chat. After all, you’d almost became my Second Sister-in-law….. Ah—–!!”

Huang Yueli frowned and with a flick of her sleeve, she sent Li Xue’er flying.

Li Xue’er had not expected her to make a move and fell heavily onto the ground!

Immediately following that, a burst of flame arose within Huang Yueli’s hands and flew circling towards her!

“Ah! Help! I’m going to be burnt to death——!! Bai Ruoli is murdering someone!!!”

Li Xue’er saw a crimson red flame heading towards her and a scorching feeling pouncing over. She was panic stricken and kept rolling around on the ground screaming and screeching.

The both of them were originally in the public square and there were originally a lot of people but as the both of them were hiding behind the wall, so not many people noticed them.

With Li Xue’er screaming out loud, a lot of people heard them and headed over.

Soon, a circle of people surrounding the area.

“Ah! Isn’t that…. Bai Ruoli? And that person rolling on the ground, isn’t that…. Li Xue’er?”

“It seems so! What’s the situation now? Why did the both of them started arguing again?”

“No idea? I heard that Bai Ruoli was ditched by Senior Brother Li! Could it be that…. her mentality took a perverted change after she was jilted and took it out on the fiancé’s sister?”

All the people crowded around curiously to look at Huang Yueli and Li Xue’er. Apparently Li Moying’s departure yesterday had spread throughout the entire academy.

Huang Yueli then raised her hand and gave a gentle wave.

The flame on Li Xue’er’s body flashed for a moment and was immediately extinguished.