Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1085

Chapter 1085 Ive Heard That Youve Been Ditched 5

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Li Xue’er had not noticed that the flame had disappeared and continued to roll around on the ground, screaming aguishly.

It was the surrounding students who realised that something was amiss.

“Yi? Why isn’t Li Xue’er wearing any clothes?”

“Wrong, it’s not that she didn’t wear anything but her clothes had all been burnt by Bai Ruoli!”

“Right, right! That means to say… Bai Ruoli’s control of fire is just…. too powerful? Li Xue’er clothes were burnt cleanly but there isn’t a single bit of injury on her! What’s more it’s under the circumstance that she kept rolling around while burning…. Her skills are simply miraculous!”

“Tsk tsk, quickly take a look! Li Xue’er’s figure isn’t bad at all! Her waist is slender and her breasts are huge, I’m getting turned on by her…”

Li Xue’er rolled around on the ground and when she heard the crowd’s discussion, she finally realised that something was wrong and stopped her actions.

She blankly lowered her head and the next moment, she used her hands to cover her chest as she started screaming while jumping up.

“You…. you…. Bai Ruoli, what did you do to me? You burnt all my clothes??”

Huang Yueli smiled calmly, “Why? Don’t tell me you like me to burn your skin along with it? Such heavy taste? I can oblige to your wishes?”

Seeing Huang Yueli raised her hand, Li Xue’er was scared stiff, “You…. don’t come over, don’t come closer!”

She looked left and right and only saw a group of people crowding around to enjoy the show, especially those male students. Their sights were simply vulgar and wretched, looking extremely disgusting!

Li Xue’er hugged her chest with both her hands as she screamed and ran through the crowd.

There were some male students with bad intentions and purposely didn’t allow her to leave easily as some of them tried to grope her as she was trying to leave.

It took some effort on her part before Li Xue’er finally got rid of these fellows and disappeared like a wisp of smoke into the campus!

Huang Yueli sneered slightly, “Looks like the last naked run didn’t make you learn a lesson, so this time… I hope you can grow some brains!”

She turned around and wanted to leave.

But she didn’t expect the crowd to not only give way, but many of them started discussing she and Li Moying’s matter openly.

As though….. her separation with Li Moying seemed like a joke.

Huang Yueli’s expression sunk and Profound Energy was instantly unleashed from her body. A powerful pressure shot out to its surroundings!

She was now a third stage realm peak practitioner and among the students in Celestial Light Academy, the existence of her outstanding potential stood firm!

Most of the students were only second stage realm or even at first stage eighth or ninth level cultivation.

The disparity of the potential was too huge so Huang Yueli’s pressure to them was like a stick banging onto their heads!

Everyone’s expression turned green instantly and they clutched their chests as they retreated continuously!

There were even some students whose abilities were too weak and immediately threw up blood or fainted directly onto the ground!

Huang Yueli didn’t even bother to look at them and didn’t want to spend any energy explaining to these short sighted people as she walked directly out of the academy’s main entrance.

It was until her figure disappeared, those students who were under pressure climbed up challengingly.

They exchanged glances with one another and could see the terror in the other party’s eyes!

“It’s really….. Bai Ruoli, a third stage realm peak’s ability….. is fully justified!”

“Right, let’s all be careful and not talk carelessly. Beware that trouble starts from the mouth!”

“That’s right, that’s right, although Senior Brother Li has left, but Bai Ruoli is no soft stone as well! Crushing us is no different from crushing an ant?”