Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1086

Chapter 1086 Who Did You Say Was A Little Slut? 1

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They finally recalled that the delicate and gentle beauty wasn’t some soft persimmon at all.

Not only was she Li Moying’s fiancée, even without that name, she was still a shocking powerful third stage realm peak practitioner. Within a mere number of strikes, she was able to defeat the Martial Arts Stage number two super talent! Furthermore, she was a skillful and certified Armament Master!

Some women, they are nothing after they leave their men!

But Huang Yueli was different. Even without Li Moying beside her, her presence was still invulnerable! Relationship to her was merely a brocade which made her even more perfect!


On Celestial Light Sect’s flying ship.

“Eldest Young Miss, you cannot enter! Master’s Soul Detachment Illness acted up a few days ago and until now he hasn’t fully recovered so he needs to rest properly. Please don’t disturb him, kindly leave!”

Mo Yi and Mo Er blocked the entrance of the cabin as they spoke expressionlessly.

Murong Fei’s expression was extremely ugly as she gritted her teeth and said, “I know Eldest Senior Brother’s body is unwell so I’m especially here to take care of him! I’ve personally made some soup to aid in his recovery, give way and I’ll get some for Eldest Senior Brother to drink!”

Mo Yi’s tall stature didn’t budge, “Eldest Young Miss, Master had just instructed that no matter who comes, he does not want to meet so thank you for your understanding.”

Murong Fei said unhappily, “Why? Even if Eldest Senior Brother refused to meet any other people, but he will definitely see me! I am his Junior Sister who grew up together with him, I care for him and want to visit him, isn’t that a normal thing? You all give way! This Rain Ginseng Chicken Soup that I made for him was prepared for an entire night with a thousand year Rain Ginseng! If Eldest Senior Brother didn’t managed to drink it, can you be responsible for it?”

Mo Yi practically ignored what she was saying and stood by the door dutifully.

“Eldest Young Miss, I am merely obeying Master’s instructions so please don’t make things difficult for me!”

“You…. simply don’t know what’s good for you! I want to meet Eldest Senior Brother, is that something that you two lowly servants can obstruct?”

Mo Yi was of age and his character was steady so although he heard these words, he remained expressionless.

On the contrary, Mo Er wasn’t that patient. Although they, the Shadow Guards had recognised Li Moying as their Master but in Celestial Light Sect, they were not ordinary outer disciples nor were they servants. They were all outstanding inner disciples and there were some who were even direct disciples.

Speaking of that, they were considered as Murong Fei’s Senior Brother as well but to be called as a servant at her beck and call, who could tolerate this?

Mo Er laughed out immediately, “Eldest Young Miss, even if the few of us are servants, we are Young Sect Master’s servants. As the saying goes, you see who is the Master of the dog that you are beating. Even Master’s fiancée Miss Bai treats us politely, you really don’t treat yourself as an outsider!”

When Murong Fei heard these words, she grew angrier.

“You… actually dare to use a little slut to oppress me? What scheme did that little slut use, to bribe you? Hehe, it’s no use even if you act loyally to her, Eldest Senior Brother has already ditched her! In future, I will be your future Mistress and you dare to offend me…..”

Murong Fei was still giving unbridled orders.

Suddenly a cold voice rang above her head.

“You say…who is the little slut?”

That deep magnetic voice was extremely familiar.

Murong Fei hurriedly raised her head and her expression was filled with joy.

“Eldest Senior Brother, you’re finally out! I knew it, you’d definitely see me!”