Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1087

Chapter 1087 Who Did You Say Was A Little Slut? 2

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Li Moying didn’t even bother casting her a look as he shifted his gaze back towards Mo Yi and Mo Er, chiding them sternly, “You can’t even do such a small matter properly, what use do I have you for?”

The sweat on the two Shadow Guards foreheads dripped down along their necklines as they lowered their heads not daring to say a single word.

Murong Fei looked complacent as she stared at Mo Yi and Mo Er thinking who dared to let them obstruct her, serves them right that they’ve gotten their lesson now?

She felt that these two were lectured too little and in order to make them understand her prowess, she stood by the side of Li Moying, snitching on them.

“Eldest Senior Brother, I’ve come to look for you specially knowing that you had a relapse several days ago. It’s just too dangerous so I think your internal injury is rather serious right? Look, this is the thousand year Rain Ginseng Chicken Soup that I specially prepared for you to aid in your recovery! These two blind fellows actually dared to block my way, they simply don’t have any respect for you!”

She intentionally suppressed her tone, making herself sound sweet as she talked, pretending to wipe a tear off the corner of her eye, putting on an act which looked like she was bullied by someone.

When Mo Er heard the misrepresentation, he was so angry that he almost jumped at her. It was Mo Yi who was stopping him from behind.

When Li Moying heard that, he cast his glance onto her but his words turned out to be, “Mo Yi, Mo Er, I’ll give you a chance to redeem yourselves. Send Eldest Miss Murong back to her own cabin and make her stay inside to cultivate properly, and stop heading outside. If I see her again… then the two of you need not follow me anymore.”

When Mo Yi and Mo Er heard that, they shivered and hastily replied, “Yes, your subordinate obeys! We will definitely get this matter settled!”

Saying that, the both of them went up and pulled Murong Fei.

Murong Fei stared at them in disbelief and tried to shake them off as she cried out loudly, “Eldest Senior Brother, you…. what do you mean by that? I am here specially to deliver the soup to you!”

Li Moying threw a chilly glance at her as he gave a cold growl from the back of his throat.

“What do I mean? Let me ask you, who did you say earlier….. was a little slut?”

Murong Fei was tongue tied, “I….. I…”

She had not expected Li Moying to hear what she said outside and immediately felt extremely embarrassed.

But she felt that she didn’t scolded her wrongly. Only that she usually appeared as a refined young lady in front of Li Moying and now he heard her scolding vulgarities so that damaged her image…..”

Li Moying coldly replied, “Bai Ruoli is the best girl who I’ve met so what right do you have… to use such a term on her?”

Murong Fei was filled with grievance as she cried out in dissatisfaction, “Eldest Senior Brother, you… how could you say that? I’ve heard the others talk about it, that Bai Ruoli and the other men have something going on and even caught red handed by you, which was why you ditched her right? This kind of wanton and unconservative slu… AH——!!”

Murong Fei was talking halfway when she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her chest and upon a “Wa” sound, she spat out a mouthful of blood!

Li Moying couldn’t take it when he heard how she insulted Huang Yueli and the might from his surroundings was unleashed as it struck out towards Murong Fei!

Even though Murong Fei was a sixth stage realm practitioner but in front of Li Moying, she had no sliver of a chance to resist against him. Just one gaze from him was enough to quake her chest into an unbearable pain as all the bones in her entire body seemed to be crushed immediately!

Murong Fei kept trembling and she was almost going to fall limp onto the ground.

At this moment, a chilly feeling ran down from the back of her spine.