Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1088

Chapter 1088 Who Did You Say Was A Little Slut? 3

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She had always knew that Li Moying was very strong but it was only until now that she discovered that she had underestimated him!

The pressure which Li Moying had unleashed was not like an ordinary seventh stage realm practitioner! Even with her father Murong De’s imposing manner, he could not be compared to Li Moying at all!

In the daze, an icy cold voice echoed into her ears.

“Murong Fei, remember this clearly. No matter how Bai Ruoli is, it’s not up to you to criticise her. Even if she’s not my fiancée, I will still protect her for life! Don’t even dream about having any chance to hurt her! If I hear you say one more bad thing about her…. don’t blame me for not giving your father any face!”

Once the sentence was laid, Murong Fei suddenly felt the powerful aura pressure disappeared instantly.

She fell limp onto the ground, her inner heart filled with immense terror not daring to say a single word.

When Mo Yi and Mo Er came up to drag her away, she totally lost all energy to resist and was dragged back to her room directly.

It was until a quarter of an hour later when she finally regained her senses.

Recalling Li Moying’s stern and ruthless look, she was filled with love and admiration even though she was stricken with terror!

Eldest Senior Brother he…. really was very powerful, too powerful!

In Soaring Heavens Continent, such an exceptional abled practitioner would make others revere him, winning all the ladies’ admiration!

Li Moying’s ability was much stronger than her imagination and that increased Murong Fei’s determination to win his heart!

If a man like Li Moying could become her husband, she would become the envy of many young lady? In future for Li Moying becomes a ninth stage realm top expert, was a matter of fact. With his peerlessly handsome looks, having such a husband was a matchless glory!

She…. absolutely cannot let go of this man!

Although Li Moying only had Bai Ruoli in his heart now, not… hadn’t the two of them broken up? She had lots of chances now to make Li Moying have a change of heart.

But…. as long as that little slut lived, she was still a disaster! There was no guarantee that Eldest Senior Brother would reignite his feelings for her.

If only she could remain behind in Celestial Light Academy…..

Murong Fei suddenly recalled something when she thought of this and her eyes widened.

“Right, so that’s the case! I was still thinking why Eldest Senior Brother would suddenly think of me and brought me up the flying ship back to the Sect! So… he’s worried that after he left, I will bring harm to that little slut? No wonder…. After I boarded the flying ship, he paid no attention to me at all!”

Murong Fei had originally thought that Li Moying brought her back to the Sect and did not mentioned Huang Yueli was because he finally realised her good points!

In the end, after they boarded the ship, Li Moying refused to even meet up with her and had been cultivating in the cabin alone.

So she had misunderstood, Li Moying’s thoughts…. Were still on that woman!

After Murong Fei thought it through, she was so jealous that she was going insane!

“Little slut, don’t even think of trying to stand in between Eldest Senior Brother and me. Eldest Senior Brother is mine and you’re not worthy of him! Humpf, don’t think that after I left Celestial Light Academy, I can’t do anything to you!”

Murong Fei’s face slowly revealed a sinister smile.

“Luckily, I’m not the only one who wants to claim your life! And I’ve already made prior preparations! Eldest Senior Brother, you haven’t thought of this right? Although you’ve made me stay by your side, but your little lover…. Still must die!”