Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1090

Chapter 1090 Targeted By Someone 2

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The stable’s boss quickly heard the news and when he came over, he immediately and politely lowered his head to show his apology towards Huang Yueli.

“Respectable Master, please accept my sincere apologies. I know this has affected your mood and this is our responsibility, so we hope you will be understanding.”

As he was saying that, he stared fiercely at the footboy.

The footboy’s hair was drenched in sweat and he cowered in one corner, trembling with fear, as he cried out in agony in his heart.

He usually treated people according to his observation and a young lady like Huang Yueli was generally various academy’s students and were mostly from the countryside. So they weren’t able to afford any good horses. Since he didn’t earn much from them, he usually treated them impolitely.

Whoever knew that he would kick onto a piece of steel today!

This ordinary looking young lady, actually…. actually was an Armament Master?? Sky Cloud City actually has such a young Armament Master??

Recalling what he said earlier, the footboy couldn’t wait to just kill himself by throwing himself into the wall!

He actually ridiculed an Armament Master not being able to afford a horse! Who didn’t knew that Armament Masters were the most profitable occupation in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent!

Huang Yueli raised her lower jaw slightly as she spoke out in an aloof tone, “You’re this stable’s boss? I had originally saw your stable was the largest in the entire market so I came over and take a look. Looks like I’m too naïve, your horses here are too high class and I cannot afford to buy one. I think I better visit elsewhere to take a look!”

Saying that, she raised her feet and wanted to leave.

The boss broke out in sweat and hurriedly stopped her as he said anxiously, “No, no, no, Master you’re mistaken! Our horses are one of the best in Sky Cloud City and how could a valuable guest like you not be able to afford it? It’s this fellow who doesn’t know how to talk! Master, please don’t leave. Whichever horse you’ve taken a fancy to, let me know and I’ll give you a twenty…. no, forty percent discount! I’ll give you a forty percent discount!”

What joke was that, the shop finally had such a valuable guest and even an Armament Master came to purchase a stead at his stable. If that spread, that would be a living advertisement, so how could he miss out on such a good chance?

Moreover, if this Master were to leave in anger, and if she were to say a few things to Sky Cloud City’s Merchant Association, then he probably would be blacklisted by the Association!

Huang Yueli halted her footsteps as she slowly nodded.

“Since that’s the case, then I’ll stay around and take a look!”

To tell the truth, if it was usual times, after such a scene, Huang Yueli would absolutely not want to continue shopping around in this shop.

But unfortunately she was pressed for time and was urgent to get on her journey. This stable was indeed the largest in the area so she had to make do with it for now.

The boss saw her nodding and wiped the sweat off her head as he heaved a sigh of relief.

Following that, he eagerly attended to Huang Yueli, personally bringing her around the stable to take her pick.

Huang Yueli impatiently said, “Alright, I’m rushing for time. I want that pure black coloured Dark Lightning stead, how much?”

“Ugh, this…. this Dark Lightning stead is something which three fourth stage realm practitioners worked together to capture it, look at its shiny hair and four limbs…”

“Enough of the nagging, how much is it?”

The boss wanted to exaggerate a little to raise the horse’s value.

Whoever knew Huang Yueli couldn’t be bothered to hear what he had to say.

He could only reply, “A total of hundred thousand mid quality spirit stones and one thousand upper quality spirit stones.”

Huang Yueli nodded and without saying anything else, she took a few bags out from her interspatial ring and threw it onto the boss’s hands, and walked over to lead the horse by herself.