Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1091

Chapter 1091 Targeted By Someone 3

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The boss lowered his head and counted the spirit stones in the bags and went into a blank.

“This… this Master, have you… have you given us short?”

Huang Yueli didn’t even bothered to give him a look and said, “That’s correct, where did I give short?”

The boss laughed wryly, “This… Master, didn’t you hear clearly earlier? Or have you taken the wrong bag? I said hundred thousand mid quality spirit stones, after forty percent discount it should be sixty thousand….. you have here, only a total of thirty thousand…. ”

Huang Yueli then swept him a flance as her lips curled into a sarcastic arc.

“Boss, do you think I’m so easy to fool? Or are Armament Masters sillier regarding money? This Dark Lightning stead of yours, although it’s a third tier magical beast, but it was once injured and had long lost the battle power of a third tier magical beast. It’s only suitable for use as a mount, think I really can’t tell? This Dark Lightning stead’s highest value would be fifty thousand mid quality spirit stones and after forty percent, it’s thirty thousand so I didn’t give wrongly!”

“This…. this…..”

The boss was flabbergasted as he heard her speak out frankly with assurance.

He indeed had the intention, thinking that such a young Armament Master, although had a lot of money but probably didn’t understand the market value. So how much was it sold for was based on his words?

Not to mention giving her a forty percent discount, even if it was a ninety percent discount, he could still open a ridiculous pricing to earn loads of profit.

In the end, he had not expected Huang Yueli to expose his tricks from just one conversation! And accurately stated the market value for this Dark Lightning stead!

In this way, after giving her a forty percent discount, he was going to make a loss of twenty thousand mid quality spirit stones! This to him, wasn’t a small amount of money!

The boss wiped the sweat off his forehead and tried his best to defend himself, “Ah? Re…really? This Dark Lightning stead is actually injured? I really can’t tell! Furthermore, we will not just sell the horse to you, we also have specialised professionals who can aid you in taming it before mounting it. Otherwise a wild magical beast like this are usually very unyielding. How could a delicate Armament Master like you…”

The boss spoke halfway when he suddenly stopped…..

He saw Huang Yueli walked directly to the side of the Dark Lightning stead and stretched out her hand on its head patting it, subsequently retrieving a piece of cubed sugar from her interspatial ring and fed it.

After the Dark Lightning stead finished its sugar, its head rubbed against her chest and obediently lowered its body to allow her to mount it.

The boss’s eyes almost popped out!

What he was saying earlier was half true. This horse was indeed tamed by three fourth stage realm practitioners, and that was the truth! Furthermore, after the Dark Lightning stead came to their stable, it had been difficult to tame it and whoever went near it would be kicked, not to mention allowing anyone to mount it obediently.

In the end…. this weak looking Armament Master actually easily conquered it, and even led the horse away?

How would he ever knew that Huang Yueli’s concentration power was much stronger than everyone else and her cultivation was stronger than what he imagined. The Dark Lightning stead was said to be a magical beast which bullied the weak and afraid of the strong, so when it saw her, it didn’t dare to resist. Adding on to the fact that Huang Yueli had a natural affinity towards animals, so naturally it was easy for her.

Huang Yueli mounted the horse and without saying anything, she left with the horse.


She left Sky Cloud City and went on her way.

The number of pedestrians on the road were getting lesser and lesser.

The faint uneasy feeling in Huang Yueli’s heart became more and more obvious.