Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1092

Chapter 1092 Its Actually Him 1

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Instinct told her that someone had their eyes on her but even though she specially detoured several times, but that didn’t make the follower give the game away.

This to Huang Yueli, was a dangerous signal.

Because she wasn’t any rookie who had just stepped out into society but was an experienced practitioner. In terms of anti tracking and evading dangerous spots, she was already very experienced.

But even though she used several tactics but she wasn’t able to dig the question out. This meant that the person who followed her had long surpassed her own ability! Moreover, he should be an experienced practitioner.

To be targeted by such a person, her current situation was extremely dangerous.

Huang Yueli wasn’t able to dig that person out for the entire day.

Till nightfall, she rested at an inn and specially asked for an ordinary room, selecting the most isolated corner hoping to make her follower thought her defences were low and would attack her in the middle of the night.

She set up various mechanisms in the room and maintained a light sleeping condition for the entire night, preserving her senses as she guarded against him.

In the end, the entire night went by but nothing happened.

This made Huang Yueli even more suspicious, could it be that the opponent had seen through her tricks? Or the opponent didn’t want her life at all, but had other motives?

The next day morning, Huang Yueli didn’t set off alone but chose to move along with a group of merchants.

Originally the leader of the merchants team wasn’t willing to travel along with strangers but upon seeing Huang Yueli’s Armament Master badge, his attitude took a 180 degree turn and not only did he stop opposing, he even immediately started to flatter her and pleased her!

Profound Armament business was the most profitable business in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent and to get on good terms with a boundless future young Armament Master, that meant that there would be endless Profound Armaments to deal with and loads of spirit stones going into their accounts!

So when Huang Yueli expressed that she was evading trouble and needed them to cover her for a while, he agreed immediately.

Huang Yueli wasn’t expecting this group of merchants’ protection. After all the highest cultivation in this group was only third stage realm so in terms of battle power, they didn’t even stand ten percent of hers!

But the more people who covered her, that meant the higher increased chances of her escape.

Although the truth had proven itself but Huang Yueli’s thinking was still wrong.

After the group of merchants had left on their journey not too long later, a hooded man stopped their tracks.

“Where are the few of you…. heading to?”

When Huang Yueli heard this voice, her mind suddenly buzzed!

She immediately recognised that this voice was the same one as when she was attacked at the Scripture Depository entrance, that masked man’s voice!

The one following her…. was actually him!

This was bad, the last time she crossed hands with this black robed man, she wasn’t his opponent at all!

The disparity between a seventh and third stage realm was….. just too huge!

If it wasn’t for Li Moying’s timely arrival, she probably would have become a dead corpse by now!

She had not expected the black robed man to continue monitoring her movements and the minute he saw her separated from Li Moying and leaving Celestial Light Academy alone, he immediately followed her, attempting to take action on her!

This time…. It’s probably the end for her!

But the black robed man was standing right in front and she couldn’t possibly turn around and leave, that would exposed her as a target even easily.

All she could do was to maintain her cool and wait for an opportunity to escape.

The merchant group’s leader felt this man was a little too strange but didn’t realise that he was so dangerous.