Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1093

Chapter 1093 Its Actually Him 2

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The leader tried to sound him out, “We are from Jade Wind Merchant Guild and we’re on our way to do business at the west side which is why we are passing by here. May I know what’s the meaning of you stopping us here?”

Jade Wind Merchant Guild was one of the three Merchant Guilds in Sky Cloud City and usually after he reported the name of his backing, most petty thieves would not dare to make trouble for them.

But that mysterious man was not moved and he asked, “This morning, was there a fourteen to fifteen year old lass who sneaked in between your merchant group?”

The minute the leader heard this, he knew this was what Huang Yueli meant by “trouble”.

But since he had already accepted a few pieces of first tier Profound Armaments as present, so naturally he would have to deny that.

“What young lass? I’ve never seen her. Are you looking for someone? Who is this young lass? Has your daughter gone missing?”

The mysterious man sneered and that husky laughter which came from the hood sounded even more horrifying.

“I’d persuade you to think carefully if there’s such a person? I forgot to remind you that earlier the other merchant groups which were staying in the same inn as you, I’ve already cross checked with them one by one. There was a leader of one merchant group who didn’t know what’s good for him and refused to answer my question. Since I was in a hurry to know the answer, then I could only…”

His voice halted and his Profound Energy was suddenly unleashed as a powerful aura floated out towards them!

“….. could only kill them one by one but in the end, I wasn’t able to find her.”

His words were flighty but those people who heard that all trembled with fear as sweat drenched their backs!

This not only meant that the words that he said was horrifying, but also meant that he displayed the fact that he was able to kill everyone there!

At this moment, the leader turned green with regret!

He had not expected that this young Armament Master to have trifled with such a horrifying peerless expert! If he knew this earlier, he wouldn’t even covert over those few pieces of Profound Armaments, which might even cost his life!

A few others in the group started to sway.

Someone spoke out while shivering, “This Sir, I…”

He had just made a starting when suddenly his eyes popped out.

A blinding flame rose into the sky right in front of them!

Immediately following that, a few hundred cicada blades shot towards the mysterious man under the cover of the fire!

The entire scene turned disorderly immediately and there were various screams and screeches as the sound of goods overturning filled the entire place!

The mysterious man was caught off guard and even though he managed to react in time at the last stage, avoiding the important places but his arms and thighs could not avoid being pierced several times!

Not only that, after the flying daggers pierced into his skin and flesh, it actually started rotating by itself, as though it was trying to minced meat, making his injury turned into a bloody mess!


The mysterious man was in so much pain that he cried out sharply!

Amidst this confusion, Huang Yueli had already secretly slipped out and dashed into the mounts of weeds along the side of the road.

Ever since she entered the third stage realm peak, she was able to refine fifth tier upper quality Profound Armaments and earlier the concealed weapon which she threw out at the mysterious man was a set of flying dagger which was imbued with the pyrogenic process, and this was one of her top works! The value was priceless!

But at this moment, she couldn’t care less about her heartache, as she cast it out without any hesitation!

Furthermore, she was very sure that towards a seventh stage realm exponent, no matter how exquisite her fifth tier Profound Armament was, it wasn’t capable of dealing him with a fatal injury and could only obstruct him for a moment!

She must immediately find a way to avoid him!

But Huang Yueli really was unlucky today.