Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1094

Chapter 1094 Its Actually Him 3

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The surroundings of this pathway were all infertile weeds and there wasn’t even a tall tree which could be seen, not to mention anything which allowed her to hide herself with.

Huang Yueli could only ran all the way and at the same time, prayed that her concealed weapon would be able to stop that mysterious man for a little while longer.

Unfortunately, heavens didn’t seemed to hear her prayer.

After the mysterious man was hurt by her, it drew out his determination from the agitation and became more wild and impatient.

He dashed out from the fire and ran towards the direction which Huang Yueli was running in.

“Wretched lass, you still dare to run! You made me turned out into this, I’m going to kill you to feed the dogs!”

Huang Yueli worked out all her Profound Energy in her body and unleashed her greatest skills, as though a raging wind, she flew past the weeds on the ground!

Simultaneously, she used her exclusive skill and threw out concealed weapons behind her, hoping to create some obstructions for the mysterious man!

But even so, her cultivation was still too far apart from the mysterious man.

The two of them ran for around one hour and as their distance closed in, the mysterious man was right behind Huang Yueli no further than two hundred meters away and he was just about to chase up to her.

Mysterious man screamed as he gave a chilly laugh, “Run, why don’t you run some more! A third stage lass like you, did you think…. you can escape from me? When I catch you, I will let you have a taste of my methods…. Tsk tsk, I wonder if the woman which Young Sect Master had before, does she have any exceptional point? I want to taste something fresh too!”

Huang Yueli pretended not to hear his words and continued running wildly in front.

In actual fact she was very sure that today she would not be able to escape but as long as there was a tiny hope, she would not give up.

In so many years of her experiences, there were numerous times where she was on the lifeline but she eventually managed to escape successfully.

What she relied on, other than her ability, but most important, was the ability to remain absolutely calm and composed in times of urgency.

Her eyes swept past the front and suddenly her eyes lit up!

Not too far away from her appeared a tall sharp tower which was hidden in the clouds. Although the outer wall was filled with ashes and vines covered it but she was still able to tell that it was an exquisitely designed building.

Not only that, around the surrounding of the tower, approximately three miles from the zone, there were huge rocks laid out into an array.

From those huge rocks arrangement, it encircled the tower in rounds.

If an ordinary practitioner happened to pass, that person would probably felt that these rocks were left behind during the construction of the tower and was laid around casually by the surroundings.

However for an expert like Huang Yueli, these huge rocks represented a dangerous array!

If an unknowing person entered casually, he would be able to find a way to enter but absolutely not be able to find the way to exit, and eventually be trapped inside alive.

For someone who had nowhere to escape, this was a huge surprise for Huang Yueli which fell right from the sky!

Indeed, heaven would leave a door open and as long as they entered the boundary of the array, it was probably impossible for the mysterious man to chase up to her.

Having this thought, Huang Yueli once again drew out several fifth tier Profound Aramments and profusely casted it towards the mysterious man, and at the same time trying to preserve the Profound Energy within her body while she precipitously increased her speed and sped towards the tall tower’s direction!

“Damnit! What is this!”

Mysterious man shrieked out behind her, apparently he was struck by her again.

Huang Yueli seemed to have wind under her feet and it took a couple of breaths before she entered the huge stone array’s boundary.