Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1095

Chapter 1095 Little Phoenixs Counterattack 1

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The minute she walked near the huge stone array, the surrounding air seemed to blow up gusts of mist, blurring the vision by quite a bit.

This was very disadvantageous to judging the array’s internal part.

Huang Yueli only took a few steps inside and stopped as her forehead creased slowly.

She had not expected this situation to appear within the huge stone array’s internal part. Not only was the arrangement of the huge stone array extremely strange, furthermore the intensity of Heaven and Earth’s Profound Qi was much higher than outside. The mist was formed due to the concentration of the Profound Qi which was gathered.

“This sure is strange. This huge stone array is different from any other array which I’ve seen before! Moreover, the skill of the person who set up this array is exceptional. This array could actually condense the Heaven and Earth’s Profound Qi. Now we’re merely on the outer part of the array and the Profound Qi’s condensation is already so high. If we walk to the centre of the tower, to what degree would the concentration of the Profound Qi be?”

The more concentrated the Profound Qi was, to a practitioner, this was something which they couldn’t wish enough as it could quickly speed up their cultivation.

But for such a deep concentration, the pressure which was produced was immense. Huang Yueli had problems even breathing and wasn’t able to see the situation from out of fifty meters ahead.

Under such circumstances, to stay within a high levelled array which one had not seen before was an extremely dangerous thing to do.

Huang Yueli was very clear that if she was rational enough, she should immediately turn around and leave this huge stone array.

Otherwise the minute she went deep in, there was a ninety percent chance that she would be stuck inside and unable to come out!


“Bai Ruoli, wretched lass, get out this instance! You think… that hiding within these stones, I will have no way to deal with you?”

Outside the huge stone array, the mysterious man’s sinister voice was heard.

Huang Yueli had no other way but to clenched hard on her teeth and she continued to trudge forward!

For her to head out now would be a route to death.

But if she continued going forward, there would be one slim chance of survival!

She was someone who didn’t like to hesitate and once she decided, she decisively walked in further and hid herself behind a huge stone. This was to ensure that if the mysterious man entered the huge stone array, he had no way to locate her immediately so she stopped right here.

Huang Yueli first turned around to check out her surroundings and stretched out her hand, feeling the surroundings and felt a huge stone which felt at least three feet tall.

“From the wind erosion traces, these stones have been left here for at least several thousand years and possibly even hundred thousand years history…. In this case, the tall tower inside could possibly be left by ancestors hundred thousand years ago….”

Hundred thousand years ago, in Soaring Heavens Continent was considered as ancient times.

It was rumoured that during those times in Soaring Heavens Continents, the intensity of Heaven and Earth’s Profound Qi was much higher by ten over times than now and because of this, it was much easier for practitioners to cultivate then!

In the ancient times, Soaring Heavens Continent’s strong practitioners were everywhere and ninth stage realm practitioners weren’t considered as first rated top exponent. The tenth stage realm which Mu Chengying hoped to achieve, at that time in any strong powerhouses, would have at least one or two such characters.

If the tower was indeed the remnants left behind in the ancient times, then inside…. probably had some incredible inheritance or treasure!

Thinking of this, Huang Yueli finally gathered some spirit.

Actually, she wasn’t interested in any inheritance or treasures right now. All she wanted to do was to get rid of the mysterious man and look for Li Moying in Celestial Light Sect to clear things up.

But now she was already trapped within this array so the only road left for her was to continue walking!