Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1097

Chapter 1097 Little Phoenixs Counterattack 3

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After Little Phoenix appeared, its eyes revealed a shocked lock and after “chirping” several times, it turned into a little Shota.

“Whoa, this… what kind of ghost place is this? It’s so dark…. And so cold…. So scary! Female devil, have you done too many guilty things which is why you’re sent to Hades at such a tender age?”

Huang Yueli was originally frustrated but when she heard this little brat cursing her, the corners of her lips turned implicitly narrow and steep.

“I’ve not gone to Hades yet! But if you continue to make Sister angry, perhaps I can send you to Hades immediately!”

She intentionally laughed evilly and backed against the sinister background of the huge stone array, she looked extremely terrifying.

Little Wang Cai shuddered, “Female…. Female devil…. Ugh, no, pretty sister, you’re not talking for real right? I’m still so small and so weak, and so lovable, you…. you won’t do such an evil thing right?”

Huang Yueli responded, “That’s very hard to say. You see this is the wilderness now and there’s only so much rations and vegetables which the Spiritual farm can store and grow, there’s not even a drop of oil anywhere. If I were to strip your feathers, I can make a roasted chicken, tsk tsk…..”

She gave a drooling look which made Wang Cai shriek out in fear, turning back into a little phoenix and with a whoosh, he flew far far away.

Huang Yueli knew he wouldn’t be lost and didn’t bothered much about it, as she sat on the rug and started eating her rations. At the same time, she pondered about this strange array.

From the current situation, if she wanted to leave this place, she would need to walk at least a few hundred times repeatedly in this maze and everytime she passed by a huge rock, she would need to make a succession mark before she could start deducing, which was the only possibility of breaking this array.

In this way, she needed to spend at least a month’s time and furthermore, this only meant that she might be able to break the array but maybe she wouldn’t be able to deduce the final result of the array…

Although the rations she had in the Sky Phoenix Ring was enough to support her for one month, but what if she wasn’t able to get out within one month?

Just as Huang Yueli was in deep thoughts, suddenly a clear phoenix cry was heard from not too far away!


That sounded like Little Phoenix but she couldn’t tell what exactly was wrong.

Huang Yueli immediately jumped and ran towards the direction of the sound!

After turning into one corner, what met her eye was a bundle of bright flames!

In between the gloomy, serene huge stones, the bundle of fire was extremely striking!

That bright yellow ray was so striking that one couldn’t open their eyes.

After Huang Yueli was slightly accustomed to it, she barely opened a slit from her eyes but upon one look, tears started flowing out… it was simply too bright! Would her eyes turn blind??

However, just from this look alone, she was able to see the little bundle in the middle of the flames.

…. Little Phoenix!

It flapped its wings continuously in the flames and repeatedly twisted around, as though it was enduring a huge pain as it continued to give out a mournful whine.

Huang Yueli’s heart was lifted, but at the same time, she was surprisingly delighted.

Seeing Little Phoenix in this manner, it seemed to be due to the fact that its body’s Profound Energy was expended. In simpler terms, it meant….. it was going to advance?

Ever since she had adopted Little Phoenix, this fellow didn’t stop short of taking various fire attributed Spirit herbs or magical beast core but eventually it just grew that little bit, and there was no obvious increase in its ability.

Huang Yueli had fretted over this, did this little fellow not grow up at all?