Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1098

Chapter 1098 Little Phoenixs Counterattack 4

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As the spirit beast of the Sky Phoenix Ring, Little Wang Cai’s actual body and spirit had already been separated. If it was any other ordinary magical beasts, it definitely could not possibly continue growing.

But for a spiritual beast like the Phoenix, it was completely different.

Huang Yueli had once read in the ancient books that Phoenix would be able to absorb fire attributed energy in the spiritual state and once it reached a certain realm, it would be able to bath in true Phoenix fire and be reborn!

But what kind of realm was this “certain realm” wasn’t stated in the ancient records and Huang Yueli didn’t needed to look before knowing that this was a higher tier than a ninth tier magical beast. Looking at Little Wang Cai’s slippery look, there was a ninety nine percent possibility that he had no chance.

But no matter what, Huang Yueli still bore a sliver of hope that it could at least raised its potential, so from the start till now, she had fed a numerous amount of valuable medicinal herbs.

In the end, this fellow ate till its tummy was rounded and there was a time when it couldn’t even fly stably, but the ability was raised? There wasn’t even a shadow which could be seen!

It was until now that this fellow was finally going to advance!

On seeing this, Huang Yueli suddenly had a strange feeling… like her son was about to grow up.


On the other side of the huge stone array.

The mysterious man was holding on to a thin piece of lamb skin scroll, using the light reflection rays, gathering his concentration to look at it.

His brows were tightly knitted and he was cursing non stop softly.

“Damnit! Where did that wretched lass go? I’ve finally waited for Li Moying to leave and managed to intercept her in the middle. Although I wasn’t able to catch her, but this wretched lass fled wildly and chose to run to this tall tower, which coincided with hat I wanted to do! Problem is she runs faster than a rabbit and after entering the huge stone array, she disappeared. I’ve searched for an entire day and still didn’t managed to see where she is!”

“If this wretched lass were to die accidentally in this array, then how am I going to proceed with the plans which I made later on? Surely I’m not that unlucky right? I’m just one step away from success…. No way, even if I have to dig three feet underground, I must find that wretched lass!”

The mysterious man shook his fists, as his eyes were filled with cruelty.

Thinking of the secret plan which he had been planning for such a long time, he was just about to succeed but Huang Yueli managed to escape from him several times, wrecking his plans. This made the mysterious man extremely anxious.

Just at this moment, a melodious chirp was heard from not too far away and it went on and off, sounding unreal.

Mysterious man stood up with a “whoosh”, “What sound was that? There’s a bird chirping? No, what was going on in the north side? Why is it suddenly so bright? Could it be that…. Bai Ruoli that wretched lass didn’t know how to die and did something to the array? I have to go over and take a look!”

He tipped his toes and flew forward, speedily flying towards the bright area!

Little Phoenix’s body was surrounded by the flames and it slowly started to develop changes.

Firstly was its youthful feathers, it gradually grew longer and started to look like a phoenix’s feathers. Immediately following that, its wings started to grow and its body increased slightly in size.

After another one hour later, Little Phoenix’s cries gradually weakened and the blinding flame slowly dimmed.

By the time the flame entirely extinguished, Little Phoenix finally couldn’t hang on any further and “plopped” right onto the ground.

Huang Yueli hastily rushed over and caught it in her arms.

After advancement, Little Phoenix grew slightly larger. Originally it was just the size of a small chick and now, it grew to the size of a mature hen.