Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1099

Chapter 1099 Little Phoenixs Counterattack 5

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The feathers on Little Phoenix had apparently grown longer and the golden red glister on it looked especially pretty, which made Huang Yueli almost wanting to pluck a few down to make into an accessory.

Looking at it, it seemed that its ability had increased by a huge notch.

However, it had just exhausted its energy during the advancement and it had already lost its consciousness as it laid in Huang Yueli’s arms.

Huang Yueli pinched its wings and mumbled, “Really fattened up by quite a bit, will it eat more chicken drumsticks in future? If I can’t afford to rear it, then I should just…. stew it?”

Little Phoenix might have heard the evil intentions its Mistress had in mind in its sleep and its wings actually twitched a little.

“Alright, alright, I’ll not eat you first. Seeing that there is a possibility that you might grow further, I’ll just rear you until you fatten up a little more before making you into a roasted chicken!”

Huang Yueli gave a delighted smile and threw Little Phoenix into the Sky Phoenix Ring, soaking it in the bathtub which was filled with Spirit Saint Spring Water.

She was extremely cautious and after she kept Little Phoenix back into the Sky Phoenix Ring, she purposely turned a few rounds before reaching the rear end of a huge rock relatively far away and even set up an invisible array at its surroundings before lying down.

Little Phoenix managed to advance successfully and that was a great thing. Huang Yueli felt that this was a good sign which showed that heaven always left a door open and she probably wouldn’t really be trapped inside.

So her mood lightened up by quite a bit as she took a peaceful nap throughout the entire night.

She had not realised that the mysterious man had been exasperating searching for her whereabouts for an entire night and there were several times where he revolved around the location where she was by a distance of ten over steps but gained nothing at all.

The next day, Huang Yueli was awoken by the screeching noises made by Little Phoenix in the Sky Phoenix Ring.

“Wah…. Ah ah ah ah —-!!! This little master has advanced, this little master has grown up! Look at my martial and heroic body and my strong legs, my broad and firm wings, and this shiny golden feathers….. I’m simply the number one most handsome bird under this heavens!!”

Huang Yueli’s lips twitched as she felt that she was almost about to throw up.

With a change of thoughts, she released Little Phoenix.

The moment Little Phoenix saw her, it immediately puffed up its chest proudly and “chirped” several times.

Huang Yueli’s thoughts were linked to his and naturally knew that this little fellow was badly inflated, earlier those few words bore utter disdain towards its Master!

Her lips curled upwards and gave a cold harrumph, “You seem rather delighted? In the past, those reed flower mother hen which we reared in South Yue Kingdom were just as big as you! Did you really think your wings have hardened? Then change into a human form for me to take a look?”

“Chi chi chi chi chi chi!” Little Phoenix protested intensely.

“You… who did you say was a reed flower mother hen? And, you want me to change and I’ll change? Then what face would this little master had left??

Unfortunately, he was Huang Yueli’s contracted spiritual pet and Huang Yueli only needed to move her thoughts and it could not help but changed into its human form as it fell onto the ground.

Huang Yueli looked at it and immediately let out a disappointed expression.

“Ah? So little! I thought you’ve grown a little bigger! In the end, you’re still a stinky little kid!”

Little Wang Cai in front of her, although he had grown slightly taller, originally he could only hug her calf but now he was able to hug her thigh!

Huang Yueli’s behaviour and tone was extremely disappointed.

Little Phoenix was so upset that it stomped its feet, “You… what do you mean? How dare you despise this little master!”