Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 110

Chapter 110 Keeping Quiet Out Of Fear
Chapter 110 Keeping Quiet out of fear

His slender fingers reaching out, he took the black card from Huang Yue Lis small hands.

Strands of profound qi began to wrap around the black card, raising it into the air before descending down and flying away like a falling leaf.

Stupefied, everyone watched the small black card descend stably down; all the way to Manager Sun.

That move was just too beautiful!

Once a practitioner reached the Defensive Profound Realm, apart from using profound qi as a bodily defense, they could also manipulate it to move other objects.

Of course, just moving an object was nothing extraordinary to see. What was noteworthy was the hundreds of metres between the third level VIP room and the auction stage! Even a practitioner at the peak of the Defensive Profound Realm could only move objects within a ten metre radius!

Additionally, the mans control of his profound qi was so stable and precise!

This clearly stated that the mans cultivation was far above the Defensive Profound Realm. As to what his cultivation level was, of those present there wasnt a single person who would be able to answer it!

Turns out that the affair Bai Ruo Qi spoke about, regarding the mysterious expert beside Third Young Miss Bai was true! And this man wasnt ordinarily powerful. Able to beat the Crown Prince meant he was an exceptional master!

Normally this would be a hot topic for gossip. But under the auctions atmosphere, the site became unusually quiet.

With such a terrifyingly powerful expert on the third floor, who dared to badmouth Third Young Miss Bai?

Everyone became quiet from fear. There were even a few who restlessly lowered their head because they had spoken ill of Bai Ruo Li. They all wished they could dig a hole and hide themselves within!

Wiping the cold sweat from his forehead, Manager Sun reached for the black card and passed it to Clear Jade Banks Branch Manager Jin for inspection.

Shortly afterwards, Manager Jin gave his verdict: Third Young Miss Bais words are true. To speak the truth, the day she came to register for this card, it was this old one who served her. Within her card are two hundred thousand silvers, more than enough to purchase the bottle of Spirit Raising Pills.

The money within the card, was the down payment Manager Sun had given to her when visited Thousand Treasure Pavilion.

She considered the fact that she would be producing large amounts of profound armaments in the future to sell, resulting in her decision of saving funds with Clear Jade Bank.

Just as he finished speaking, the card floated up and flew back into the third floor room.

Using two fingers, the man caught the card and delivered it to Huang Yue Li.

Little thing, here is you black card. Please look after it.

Giving him a glare, Huang Yue Li snatched the card from his hands and said in an angry puff: Who told you to be meddlesome!

In the mans eyes, he felt that her angry and arrogant display was especially pleasant to watch.

Heart itching, he closed in and smiled: How did this Lord vex you this time? Where was I meddlesome? This Lord was afraid that some people might secretly switch out your black card, hence why I helped to deliver your card down. This Lord held such kind hearted intentions, yet you thought this Lord was meddlesome? Truly no conscience ah!

Huang Yue Li raised her eyebrow in response, And that was out of your own initiative. Do you want me to thank you?

The man laughed muffledly: Thank.there is no need. A kiss for this Lord will suffice.

Get lost!

Huang Yue Li bestowed him an eye roll instead.

In the meantime, standing on the auction stage, Manager Sun had already announced the final results.

Since it has been proven that Third Young Miss Bai did not maliciously raise auction prices, this shop will present Third Young Miss Bai with a lifetime discount of ten percent as compensation. While the bidding for this bottle of Spirit Raising Pills will end here. The pills will be paid by Second Miss Bai, belonging to Third Young Miss Bai for the final price of one hundred and thirty-one thousand silvers!