Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1107

Chapter 1107 Real Identity Of The Black Robed Man 3

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Huang Yueli continued talking.

“The information regarding the treasure map having marked the early historical remains should be true as well, otherwise…. you couldn’t possibly pinpoint my position in such a complicated huge stone array! But…. you’ve kidnapped me here is absolutely not because you fancied my status of an Armament Master, but…. there should be some mechanism which only I can open up? Am I right to say that?”

After Huang Yueli finished her words, the mysterious man immediately fell into silence.

He was utterly shocked. He had not expected Huang Yueli to be such an agile person. Even these were guessed correctly!

On seeing that the truth could not be hidden any further, he might as well told the truth.

“Alright, since you’ve guessed it, then there’s no meaning even if I refused to admit it. Now that you’re already here and have no way of leaving, why don’t you help me open this door. I’ll keep my word on whatever I’ve said earlier, as long as you can help me here, whatever there is inside, I’ll split it with you!”

Huang Yueli laughed coldly in her heart, she wasn’t some innocent young lady who had just came out to experience, so how could she possibly be so naïve?

Mysterious man on several attempts had wanted to take her life and now he’s using some unrealistic promises to cheat her into helping him? She gauged that after she opened the door, not to mention about splitting the treasures, she probably would lose her life on the spot!

But she didn’t expose him immediately, instead she questioned, “How do you want me to help you?”

Mysterious man said, “Actually, what you need to do is very simple. I initially didn’t know how to open this door but when you opened the secret compartment using your blood in the Scripture Depository, that gave me inspiration that perhaps the item which Bai Liu Feng left behind had something to do with your bloodline that runs in your body. Earlier you used blood in the huge stone array to reveal the correct pathway, this made me further ascertain that my thinking is right.”

“In that case, what you want, is my….. blood?” Huang Yueli’s brows rose but inside her heart, she wasn’t too surprised.

After the previous few experiences, she had vaguely guessed that the clues which Bai Liu Feng left behind, leaving her to this place, probably had something to do with the bloodline in her so these clues and mechanisms practically all needed her to use her blood to open up.

Only now… that these words came from the mysterious man’s mouth then she must set herself on high alert.

Even if this door’s mechanism really needed her to use her blood to open up, things wouldn’t be that simple and the mysterious man definitely has his own schemes.

The minute she opened the door, he absolutely would destroy the bridge after crossing the river.

She naturally wanted to enter the high tower but she absolutely cannot let the mysterious man in. Don’t think that the ‘cooperation’ which they were talking about now, the both of them knew clearly that there was only one person who could live till the end!

As for now, she was at an absolute disadvantage. Not only did her ability lack far, far away from the mysterious man, furthermore even the map which Bai Liu Feng left behind was in the hands of the mysterious man!

The understanding that this mysterious man had regarding this early historical remains was much higher than hers!

Under these two over layering circumstances, the possibility of her win was equivalent to zero…

Furthermore, she had already delayed for a long period of time so she probably wouldn’t be able to continue dragging any more time…

The mysterious man had not kept coercing her was afraid that she might self-explode on the spot. If he could ascertain that she was not going to cooperate then he would definitely take action without any hesitation!

The situation was now so critical but in Huang Yueli’s heart, she was becoming calmer and calmer as thoughts flew past swiftly in her mind.