Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1108

Chapter 1108 Going To Throw Up 1

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She must find a way to turn the tide around, not only must she not die, she must also obtain the item which Bai Liu Feng wanted her to have…

Suddenly, a lightbulb lit up in Huang Yueli’s head which made her eyes turn bright.

This idea…. Although extremely risky, but there was a ninety percent change that she might die under the mysterious man’s hands but at least…. There was a string of hope! This was her only chance!

Celestial Light Sect.

Early in the morning, the Sect entrance at the main gate was filled with people. They heard that their Young Sect Master Li Moying who had left the Sect for a long time was about to come back and quite a number of people specially came out to welcome him back.

That included Sect Master Murong De who personally graced this occasion.

A huge flying ship gradually appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

Not long after, Li Moying’s silhouette appeared before the eyes of everyone.

His reputation in Celestial Light Sect was very high, even surpassing Sect Master by a huge notch so when he appeared, the crowd started to outdo each other in cheering.

“Young Sect Master, you’re finally back!”

“Young Sect Master must have gained quite an amount of rewards in this experience right?”

Everyone started to step upwards to greet him however, Li Moying put on a chilly handsome face and didn’t bother about anyone as he directly walked past the crowd.

That perfectly contoured good looking face was coated with a layer of frost as his lips pursed tightly and a shocking bitter feeling was emitted from his surroundings.

Those standing around him immediately felt their temperature drop and they all started to shiver, not daring to say anymore words as they automatically opened up a pathway for him to walk.

Murong De walked towards him from a distance away and upon seeing Li Moying, he started to smile passionately.

“Moying ah, you actually came back today, that’s great! A few days ago, I heard that your illness acted up in the middle of the night, it almost scared me to death! Luckily your condition was in control later on.”

Li Moying looked at his own Master and his footsteps halted as he indifferently nodded.

“Thank you Master for your concern.”

Murong De continued, “Looking at you, it seems that your recovery this round went rather well? In the past, every time after your illness acted up, you’d need to lie down in bed for several days but today it seems that your condition is quite well. Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

Li Moying heard about him mentioning his illness and a pain shot through his heart.

He had not been bedridden this round was entirely because Li’er was by his side.

Only the man in her heart was not him so she cannot stay by his side forever. In future if his illness acted up, he would have to face it by himself…

Li Moying’s eyes revealed a deep sense of hurt and momentarily he lost all patience to exchange conventional greetings with Murong De.

He hurriedly found an excuse, “Master, I’m a bit tired. Although this round I had regained consciousness much earlier than before but my primordial spirit had suffered some damage so I must quickly return back and go into closed door cultivation to treat my injuries.”

When Murong De heard that, he immediately got worried and said, “How could such a thing happen? Quickly go back and take a rest! Your body is most important and you must not leave any hidden injuries which might cause any influence to your cultivation! Master has some high levelled medicinal pills for treating internal injuries and the Sect’s medical herb garden had just received the fifth grade medicinal herb, I’ll send all these to you later!”

This disciple of his was an invaluable treasure in Celestial Light Sect.

In future whether Celestial Light Sect were to fly high into the sky, everything would all depend on him!

On hearing Li Moying say that he had suffered internal injuries, Murong De was more anxious than anyone else.

Li Moying calmly nodded, “Thank you Master very much.”

He turned around and walked away and all the practitioners behind all broke out into a bustle.