Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1109

Chapter 1109 Going To Throw Up 2

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“Young Sect Master is actually hurt?”

“Who on earth could possibly injure a peerless genius like Young Sect Master?”

“That’s hard to say. Although Young Sect Master is an all-rounder talent, but he is after all very young and there are so many established peerless experts in Soaring Heavens Continent….”

Regarding the news on Li Moying’s Soul Detachment Illness, this to the ordinary disciples of the Sect was a secret so they could only guess secretly.

Just as the crowd was in discussions, suddenly another figure appeared in front of them.

That person was Murong Fei who appeared pale and extremely haggard.

“Ah, it’s Eldest Young Miss! Eldest Young Miss actually came back with Young Sect Master!”

“I’d never imagined that both of them took the same flying ship back, could it be that… Young Sect Master and Eldest Young Miss actually went to experience training together?”

“I think that’s about right! Hadn’t Sect Master always wanted Young Sect Master and Eldest Young Miss to get married? Both of them were childhood friends and from the looks of now, their relationship seemed to have advanced by leaps and bounds….. seems that wedding bells are ringing quite soon!”

The disciples’ eyes revealed ambiguous and envious expressions.

Murong Fei, a beauty with exceeding innate talent and with her valuable status, which disciple wasn’t interested in her? But too bad she had already been acquiescence as Li Moying’s fiancée so the others didn’t even dare to compete for her.

When Murong De saw his eldest daughter appearing, he too was stunned.

“Fei’er?? Didn’t you say you’re going out to gain experience? Why did you return so quickly? Furthermore…. You took the same flying ship as Li Moying?”

Murong Fei had been confined to her room for an entire day and when she got off the flying ship, she was initially filled with indignance but upon hearing the crowd’s discussion, she suddenly realised that this…. seemed to be her chance!

Anyway Li Moying had already ditched that wretched lass and now that he was feeling downhearted, it was her best opportunity to avail herself to get in.

If everyone in the Sect thought that the both of them were together, perhaps it might make her father set down their marriage agreement.

Then in no time, perhaps Li Moying might really forget about that wretched lass and become a pair with her.

Anyway…. That wretched lass would definitely be dead meat this time round! So she wasn’t afraid that she would come out and disrupt her plans.

Thinking of this, Murong Fei’s face revealed a tinge of embarrassed smile as she lowered her head and said softly, “Father… since you’ve already seen everything, then why are you asking me for?”

Murong De’s eyes widened as he was filled with shock and joy.

“Why? You and Moying, could it be.. but in the past, wasn’t there a young lass beside Moying? That time Moying went to save her and almost couldn’t make it in time for the tournament.”

Murong Fei replied, “Eldest Senior Brother and that young lass had already split up, so…..”

Murong De was very surprised because Li Moying had thought highly of that little fiancée of his. Just one look and one would know that it was a life and death true love, but why did they split up after this period of time?

But towards such a result, he was actually much happier with this.

Because only in this way would he be able to make Li Moying turn into his son-in-law and made him stay in Celestial Light Sect forever.

Unfortunately Li Moying had not been interested in Murong Fei so no matter how he tried to play matchmaker to the both of them, there was no effect at all.

He’d never thought that after he had given up, Murong Fei had used her own charm to let Li Moying bring her alongside him…..

Murong De laughed, “Good, good! Since Li Moying is willing to be together with you, then you must take good care of him. He suffered an internal injury this round so you must aid him in recovering!”