Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1110

Chapter 1110 Going To Throw Up 3

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Murong Fei puffed herself up as she agreed without any hesitation.

After she left, the crowd went into another round of discussion as all of them were extremely envious, all thinking that Young Sect Master and Eldest Young Miss’s wedding should be nearing.

Li Moying had left swiftly and had not seen the performance which Murong Fei put up.

But those shadow guards who were carrying luggage saw the entire scene.

Mo Er immediately put up a puking expression, “I’m simply going to throw up! I’ve never seen such a shameless woman before! Our Master had not even looked her straight in the eye, just look at her act, she made everyone thought that she will be marrying Master tomorrow!”

Mo Yi hurriedly covered his mouth, “What nonsense are you sprouting? Be careful that other people heard what you said! Just let her go squander by herself, anyway just based on her, Master would never ever be interested in her!”

Mo Er nodded as he recalled Li Moying’s lost soul look as he couldn’t help but sigh.

“Third Miss Bai and Master are still the most compatible. It’s just a waste, why did the two of them quarrel to such an extend of splitting up?”

Mo Yi wasn’t as pessimistic as he patted his shoulders.

“No matter, don’t worry. From what I see, Master and Third Miss just had a squabble. Don’t think that Master is usually so mighty and awe-inspiring, but he’s only just twenty years old so I think he probably acted in a moment of rashness. After his anger had gone past, there is still a chance to reunite.”

Mo Er sighed, “I hope so.”


In front of the high tower.

“How? Haven’t considered properly? I’m warning you, there is a limit to my patience, whether it’s to die now or cooperate, I want to hear your answer right now!”

The mysterious man saw Huang Yueli lowering her head and not saying a single word as he finally lost patience and started urging.

Huang Yueli set down her determination as she raised her head and said, “Alright then, since I don’t really have much of a choice, I shall cooperate with you but you must keep your promise. After entering the high tower, you must share the treasure with me!”

“Of course! Since you’ve helped me, how can I mistreat you?”

The mysterious man’s lips curled into an icy smile as the black veil which drooped down from the hoodie sheltered his looks, not allowing anyone to see through clearly.

Huang Yueli pretended to hesitate and spoke out again, “N… No way, an oral agreement is not binding. To prove your sincerity, you must take off your hoodie and show me who you really are! I know you must be someone whom I know!”

The mysterious man decisively rejected, “No way!”

Huang Yueli immediately said, “You can’t do it? Since we are going to cooperate, you can’t even let me see your real looks, so how can I believe that you’re not lying to me? Forget it, I better not cooperate with you. Anyway if you want to kill me, I’ll just self-explode! Then you won’t be able to gain any advantages!”

The mysterious man was so angry that he clenched his teeth but after rearranging his thoughts, after he finished using her, this young lass was going to die anyway. So letting a dead person saw his real identity wasn’t that big of a deal.

“Alright then.”

He changed his mind and stretched out his hand to remove the hoodie from his head.

On seeing the mysterious man’s real identity, Huang Yueli shrieked, “So….. So it’s you!”

The mysterious man was actually someone whom she had met, but not very familiar – Celestial Light Academy’s Vice Principal Ling Wenbin!

But he had always used a special pill to change his voice, which made Huagn Yueli unable to predict who he really was.

No wonder, he could freely enter and leave the Scripture Depository because of his status as Celestial Light Academy’s Vice Principal, his understanding of the Scripture Depository was much more than anyone else!