Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1111

Chapter 1111 The Situation Reverses 1

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Furthermore in the academy, he could easily mask his own identity, possibly even using ordinary students to trace her whereabouts.

Ling Wenbin laughed evilly, “That’s right, it’s me! Now that you’ve seen who I am, that proved that I am sincere enough right? Then shall we start now?”

Huang Yueli cried out, “Wait!”

Ling Wenbin angrily replied, “What’s up now? I’ve already agreed to so many conditions so stop thinking of delaying some more time!”

Huang Yueli hurriedly replied, “I’m not trying to delay but since you want to ask me to open the door, at least pass me that treasure map to take a look? Otherwise, how am I supposed to open the mechanism? Surely I cannot just splash my blood on the door casually then it’d open up right?”

Ling Wenbin said, “You don’t need to look, I will tell you what the treasure map says!”

His alertness was rather strong and even though he knows that other than self-exploding, Huang Yueli was not able to come out with any other tricks but still he couldn’t bear to take out the treasure map, feeling that hiding it in his space would be the safest.

But Huang Yueli’s motive was to make him bring out the treasure map, so how would she allow him to deceive her?

She spoke again, “Are you sure you know what the treasure map is writing? If you understand what it was about, then you won’t take so long to open this door. No matter what I’m an Armament Master so regarding mechanisms, I know more about it than you. It will be much safer for me to take a look first before opening the door.”

Ling Wenbin kept a straight face, “Stop all these nonsense and do according to what I tell you to! Quickly walk over there and stand on the right side in front of the door frame!”

Huang Yueli saw that he wasn’t tricked so could only follow his instructions and walked towards the front of the bronze door.

“Good, now see the leaf shaped notch on the door frame? Now cut open your wrist and drip your blood on top of it.”

Huang Yueli complied as she placed her hand on the position which he pointed to.

The two of them opened their eyes wide as they stared at the bronze door.

Blood flowed out from Huang Yueli’s wrist and dripped onto the notch as it followed the complicated and intricate carving pattern on the bronze door and slowly flowed along, bit by bit, filling up all the chinks.

On the door, that lively phoenix beast had, at this moment enveloped with a layer of red colour, resembling the colours of a scorching flame making it look realistic, as though the next second, it would turn into a physical form, flying up into the sky!

As the blood flowed, Ling Wenbin’s eyes were practically stuck on the door as his breathing became hasty, apparently extremely agitated.

Ever since he discovered Bai Liu Feng’s secret compartment, he spent several years’ time before he found an eighth tier armament master, forking out a heavenly price before letting him agree to activate the secret compartment, and after retrieving the secret compartment, he spent another five years researching on how to move past the huge stone array and how to open this bronze door.

After waiting for such a long wait, now, finally it’s time he could see the results.

How could he possibly not be agitated and not anxious?

However as time went by, Huang Yueli’s blood had filled all the chinks in the bronze door but yet the door did not open.

Ling Wenbin waited and waited and after he realised that the door really didn’t open up, his expression turned ugly.

“What’s the matter? Are you playing any tricks?”

Huang Yueli’s expression on her face was super innocent, as innocent as she could be, “Principal Ling, this… this is a major injustice! Look, all my actions are done according to your requests and none of it had been done wrongly. But the door just wouldn’t open so how could you blame it on me?”