Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1113

Chapter 1113 The Situation Reverses 3


Huang Yuei actually grabbed the treasure map from his hands and upon using strength, she easily took it away from him.

“What are you doi…..”

Before his question was finished, suddenly a scorching flame came burning from his back area, so hot that he started screeching out loud.

“Ah? Who? Who tries to sneak an attack on me from behind?”

Ling Wenbin turned his head around to capture the mastermind but whoever knew that the minute he turned around, a sharp pointed prick like thing pierced deeply into his left eye.

At that instance, an intense pain was felt from his eye and at the same time, his vision turned blood red!

“Ah—!! My eye, my eye—!!”

Ling Wenbin covered his eye as he started hollering loudly.

Huang Yueli gave a shocked but joyous expression as she praised, “Well done, Wang Cai!”

When Ling Wenbin suddenly appeared, after Little Phoenix whined a warning, it had following Huang Yueli’s request and found a corner to hide.

Ling Wenbin’s attention was focused on Huang Yueli entirely. Although he felt that it was strange to hear a bird chirping but he didn’t give much thought to it as he thought it was due to his own hallucination.

After Huang Yueli had Little Phoenix laid in ambush and made all preparations, she then lured Ling Wenbin to bring out the treasure map and after that catching him unaware, he snatched the treasure map and arranged for Little Phoenix to sneak an attack to distract his attention! At least to drag a couple of breaths.

She had not expected Little Phoenix to complete this mission, even much better than she had thought!

After this little fellow advanced, its attack power had indeed raised an entire level and its speed had already increased by several times!

Even a seventh stage realm top expert like Ling Wenbin was caught unaware and actually fell for its trap! And in the process got seriously injured by it!

Hearing Ling Wenbin’s blood curdling screams, and seeing the blood flowing out from the seams of his fingers which was covering his face, Huang Yueli felt a tinge of pain for him.

Little Phoenix’s peck was not ordinarily sharp, usually even the toughest armament refining ingredients were bitten into bit in an instant, what more a physical body?

She gauged that Ling Webin’s eye was destined to be disabled!

Wang Cai heard Huang Yueli’s praises and delightfully patted his wings as it was just about to cry out.

But it heard Huang Yueli call out hastily, “Quick quick quick! Come over quickly! We don’t have any time to waste, if he reacts in time then we’re finished!”

Saying that her wrist once again pressed against the left door frame’s notch and simultaneously her left hand’s fingers drew a circle in the air as she struck out some hand gestures.


Following that was the ringing of a gloomy sound as the bronze door gradually moved upwards, revealing the entrance of the high tower.

Without hesitation, Huang Yueli leapt outwards and ran in, Little Phoenix tried hard as it flapped its wings as it followed her.

After Huang Yueli entered the door, she immediately ran towards the mechanism by the side of the door as she struck out some hand gestures and the bronze door stopped moving upwards and instead it started to move downwards as it gradually shut itself.

Just at this moment, Ling Wenbin suddenly stopped his miserable cries and tried his hardest to ensure that pain.

He heard the sound of the bronze door being opened and this was something which he had been waiting for so many years. So at that moment, he forgot about the pain in his eye as one thought filled his mind, and that was he must absolutely enter the high tower!

“Bai Ruoli, you wretched lass, how dare you plot against me! Open up the door, I want to go in!”

As he hollered, he didn’t dare to waste any time as he swiftly charged towards the bottom part of the bronze door!

The speed of the door closing wasn’t considered very fast and although it had already closed by half, but if he were to lower his waist and his head he would still be able to barely pass through it.