Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1114

Chapter 1114 The Situation Reverses 4


When Huang Yueli saw that, she cried out, “Wang Cai, quick, chase him out of here!”

Simultaneously, she gathered all the Profound Qi she had in her body and drawing a line with her fingers in mid air, a deviant flame appeared and utilising her Profound Skill, she directed her attack towards Ling Wenbin!

Little Phoenix also worked up its little tummy and blew out a puff of advanced orange coloured True Phoenix Fire!

One human and one bird unreserved attack landed on Ling Wenbin at the same time and he was struck instantly as he moaned dully and almost threw up blood.

But even so, his advancement speed had not halted!

He had totally given up on defence, allowing Haung Yueli’s attack to waywardly land on him because now, his only aim was to squeeze into the high tower before the bronze door closed up!

Even if he was seriously injured by Huang Yueli, it didn’t matter.

Anyway, as long as he was able to enter the high tower, with that wretched lass’s bit of cultivation, wouldn’t she be at his mercy?

By then, he would be able to take his revenge and vent his anger!

However, Huang Yueli and Little Phoenix used all their ability because at this moment, it was a life and death situation!

Huang Yueli didn’t dare to hide or conceal herself as she retrieved an ancient zither from the Sky Phoenix Ring.

This zither was the Icy Jade Zither which Li Moying gave her several months ago during the banquet in South Yue Kingdom.

After Huang Yueli got this zither, and collecting several materials, she spend quite an amount of effort to refine it into a fifth grade Profound Armament!

But as she was the only ninth stage realm expert who used an ancient zither in her previous life in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent, as a weapon so in order to prevent her identity from being exposed, she wasn’t willing to use her zither before this.

But now at this moment, if she didn’t use her ultimate strike, in future she might not have any chance to use it.

Huang Yueli turned the direction of the zither as she hugged it in her embrace while the other five fingers had already started brushing on the zither chords!


When the first zither sound rang, Ling Wenbin’s action had obviously slowed down for a moment.

When he saw Huang Yueli battled halfway and suddenly taking out an ancient zither, he thought something had gone wrong with her and was prepared to rush into the tower to mock at her.

In the end when the zither rang, his mind suddenly “buzzed” for a moment as though he suffered a heavy pound on his brain!

“You…. what are you playing at? That zither…..”

Ling Wenbin’s consciousness suddenly became blurry but as he was a seventh stage realm practitioner, his mental power was rather strong so he quickly recovered from it.

Making prompt decision, he immediately gauged that something was wrong with that zither in Huang Yueli’s hands as he pounced towards her, attempting to snatch it away.

However, Huang Yueli calmly and unhurriedly turned around as her fingers continued to play the zither.

“Zheng zheng zheng zheng—”

The zither notes were as though a violent storm rained in the silent high tower, Ling Wenbin’s head felt dizzy once again and every single time when he finally managed to recover his senses, he was thrown into dizziness once again.

Actually, Ling Wenbin’s mental power was much stronger than Huang Yueli’s and if he had been prepared earlier, under the circumstances of his full power defence, the harm which Huang Yueli’s zither notes would be limited to a certain degree.

But unfortunately, he had never in his wildest dreams, thought that Huang Yueli actually used an ancient zither as a weapon.

There was just a handful of practitioners who specialised in mental power attacks in Soaring Heavens Continent and without a trace of defence preparation, he had been completely caught unaware!

At the same time, Little Phoenix continued blowing its flame at him and had already burnt most of the skin on his body, causing half of his body to be in a charred state, looking extremely horrendous!