Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1118

Chapter 1118 Lier Is Missing 3

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The two of them spun around to pass the information.

Jiang Tuxin hurriedly called out to stop them.

“Please wait a moment, both of you!”

Mo Yi and Mo Er turned back as they looked at him puzzledly.

Jiang Yuxin hurriedly said, “Things are not what you think it is! Bai Ruoli had likely gotten into trouble!”

“What??” Both of them cried out in shock as their expressions were filled with astonishment.

Mo Yi was in a rush to ask what had happened clearly but before he could even speak, the courtyard door was suddenly opened from the inside.

“You say… what happened to Li’er?” A deep, hoarse voice was heard from behind the trio.

The three of them were shocked as they were startled at Li Moying’s sudden appearance.

“Master, why are you out?”

“My respects to Master!”

Mo Yi and Mo Er made their salutations one after another whereas Jiang Tuxin went into a daze as he looked in astonishment at the man in front of him.

If it hadn’t been for the fact that he recognised his voice and with Mo Yi and Mo Er by the side as a witness, he almost couldn’t recognise that the slovenly dressed and absentminded man, who was usually suave and peerlessly handsome, was the Young Sect Master Li Moying!

Li Moying’s face as exceptionally pale and his hair was scattered messily by the side of his face. There were black patches under his eyes but even though he seemed to be in a despondent state, he still bore the usual indescribable overbearing imposing manner which was enough to attract any woman’s gaze.

“Young… Young Sect Master…”

Li Moying walked over and stood in front of Jiang Tuxin as a cold glint flashed past his eyes, “What did you say earlier? Li’er she….. something happened to her? What exactly happened to her? Before I left, haven’t I asked you to take good care of her? How long has it been only and something had happened to her? Tell me clearly right now!”

Mo Yi looked at Li Moying’s agitated look and amidst worries, there were also some signs of emotion.

Master still denied that the both of them had no more relationship and didn’t even look back as he ran back to Celestial Light Sect, in the end? Just based on his reaction, if he could really let go of Third Miss, something really was wrong!

Jiang Tuxin continued ashamedly, “I…. have let you down. That day after you left, I’d sent a number of people to take care of Miss Bai but she said she wanted to go into closed door cultivation to recuperate and shut everyone outside whereas she slipped away! I’d only discovered this two days ago and thought she came to look for you in Celestial Light Sect so I sent a few bodyguards, thinking to chase up to her and send her here. But the bodyguards followed the path here and searched for a long time but they weren’t able to find anyone at all! Instead…. They heard a rumour…..”

“What rumour?”

Li Moying’s voice was extremely peaceful but those who knew him well knew clearly that he was the kind whom would become more and more calm as he got angrier and now he was already on the verge of acting up.

Jiang Tuxin’s sweat drenched his entire back but he didn’t dare to raise his head.

“Yes…. A group of Jade Wind Merchant Guild merchants were on the way to West Sky Region to do some business and someone said that a few days ago, they met a young lady who was around fourteen or fifteen. From their description, she sounds very similar to Miss Bai and that young lady wanted to follow them to Celestial Light Sect but midway on the road here, a mysterious man dressed in a hood suddenly appeared, pointing her out. That young lady didn’t want to implicate them so she immediately appeared and lured the mysterious man away.”

“Mysterious man?”

Li Moying’s brows knitted tightly together.

Jiang Tuxin nodded, “I heard that this mysterious man’s cultivation is very high and that young lady totally wasn’t his match so she kept escaping…. Later on, the both of them disappeared and even the Merchant Guild didn’t know…. where they went to…..”