Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1119

Chapter 1119 Lier Is Missing 4

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In actual fact, the merchant guild leader’s original words were “not sure if that young lady was dead or alive”, but Jiang Tuxin was afraid that it might agitate Li Moying once again so he could only change it to whereabouts unknown.

But even so, Li Moying had already gone mad.

With a casual flick of his sleeve, a powerful Profound Qi struck out in midair!

All of a sudden, lightning filled the skies. That plot of land which cultivated several thousand year old Silver Leaf Spiritual Trees were all snapped off across the middle, in complete disorder.

Jiang Tuxin, Mo Yi and Mo Er hurriedly stepped aside and although Li Moying had evaded their direction but it still made their chests tremble greatly as they almost spat out blood on the spot!

Jiang Tuxin clutched his chest, on one hand he was startled by Li Moying’s exceptional potential while on the other hand, he was silently crying out in shock by his intense reaction!

Even after Li Moying struck, the melancholic feeling on his chest did not decrease in any way. The moment he thought his Li’er had suffered a top expert’s interception, and her life and death was totally unknown, his heart was thrown into incomparable pain! At the same time, he was extremely remorseful!

If only… he hadn’t left Li’er’s side, she wouldn’t have set off alone to look for him in Celestial Light Sect and such a thing wouldn’t have happened!

At this point in time, he even started to hate himself. Even if Li’er didn’t liked him forever, why couldn’t he continue to protect her silently? Why did he let Li’er get hurt just because of his pride??

Li Moying gritted his teeth as his two hands clenched into fists, his ten fingers totally sinking into his palms as his blood… started to drip…

He managed to control his anger and didn’t made another move but he took quick steps as he flew towards the front mountain.

While he was walking, he sent out his commands to the few of them.

“Mo Yi, immediately arrange for people to search along the path between Celestial Light Academy and Celestial Light Sect, not missing out even an inch. Even if they have to dig underground three feet, they must find Li’er and…. the person who hurt her!”


“Mo Er, lead a team and ask around the neighbouring cities, towns and villages. If Li’er managed to escape, in order to prevent her identity from being exposed, she would definitely find a place and hide herself.”


“Jiang Tuxin…..”

“I’m here!”

Jiang Tuxin subconsciously shuddered because he had obviously heard Li Moying silent grinding his teeth when he called out his name.

Li Moying said, “Quickly return back to Celestial Light Academy and run through a checklist on all the practitioners in the academy who are in seventh stage realm and above, to find out who is the troublemaker!”

Jiang Tuxin was stunned, “Ah?”

Li Moying’s voice grew doleful, “Earlier in Celestial Light Academy, Li’er was attacked by a masked seventh stage realm practitioner. Luckily I managed to save her in time but I was unable to capture that person! I reckon that the person who attacked Li’er this time is him! This person is definitely related to Celestial Light Academy so you must dig this person out!”

“Yes, I understand!”

Jiang Tuxin started to sweat profusely. If Huang Yueli was really dead and the murderer was in Celestial Light Academy, then his position as Principal would most likely be difficult to retain…..

Inside the high tower.

Huang Yueli was having a dizzy spell as she didn’t know how long she had been in deep sleep for.

When she awoke, she felt her entire body feeling warm, as though she was soaked in hot spring water.

Furthermore, the Profound Qi in her body was abundant as the damages to her meridians and internal organs were completely healed.

She extended her hands and feet, feeling that she was never in a better condition, and even…. there seemed to be signs of a breakthrough in her cultivation!

“What situation is this?” She murmured to herself as she frowned.