Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 112

Chapter 112 The Little Things Cheeks Are Really Soft
Chapter 112 The little things cheeks are really soft

According to the auctions rules, if Huang Yue Li had yet to announce her renouncement, the auction would have yet to end!

But the owner of the Spirit Raising Pills had been confirmed. Was there any meaning to increase the price? This would only serve as pure harassment!

It was a miracle Bai Ruo Qi did not faint on the spot!

If Huang Yue Li wished to continue bidding, she was completely unable to renounce bidding. Not mention she was completely unable to pay that amount. She couldnt even pay the one hundred and thirty thousand!

While Huang Yue Lis black card held two hundred thousand silvers. She was absolutely capable to raise the price to two hundred thousand silvers!

Bai Ruo Qi was on the verge of collapsing.

At that moment, the Crown Prince spoke through clenched teeth: Bai Ruo Li! Qier is still your cousin, so dont bully her too much!

Raising her eyebrow, Huang Yue Li did not expect the Crown Prince to speak up for Bai Ruo Qi.

Your Highness the Crown Prince, what do you mean? Do you plan on speaking on behalf of my Second Sister? And what identity will you be holding, to help her fend this?

I am just unable to continue watching this! The Crown Prince said heavily, Bai Ruo Li, you have already obtain all the advantages available yet still want to increase the price. Are you pushing your cousin onto the path of no return? You are both cousins, yet a few words from your mouth and you have swindled such a large amount of money from her. And you are still unrelenting? Not regarding anything towards sisterly relationships?

Huang Yue Lis tone frosted down, Your Highness, your words are very amusing! Clearly it was Second Sister who disregarded sisterly bonds in falsely accusing me first. But now her losses are this disastrous, she can only blame herself! As the countrys heir, Your Highness words should be spoken with evidence. Nobles from others attending todays auction are not a few. Speaking without thinking, inverting black to white will make South Yue into a joke!


The Crown Prince had intended to speak out and help Bai Ruo Qi, but he was unable to outspeak Huang Yue Li.

In South Yue, his words had always carried great weight. But today, he was constantly refuted and silenced by Huang Yue Li instead! This experience was incomparably suffocating!

Before he could retort her, Huang Yue Li began to speak out again.

But I am not someone who disregards sentiments. Though Second Sister deliberately wished to harm me, I am still willing to open the net from one side. I will voluntarily withdraw from bidding. This bottle of pills will be given to my Second Sister for one hundred and thirty-one thousand silvers!

Bai Ruo Qi nearly fainted, again.

She swindled so much money from her and still said she yielded!

She made merely stopped and further bids, yet she acted as if she owed her such a big favor!

In actuality, Huang Yue Li honestly felt that she yielded quite a lot today.

Sitting in the private room, Huang Yue Lis propped up her chin as she shook her head regretfully.

Ai, money ah. It just flew away like that!

Seeing that her cheeks were puffed out and absent-minded, the man took the opportunity to pinch her cheeks.

Caught unaware, a red pinch mark formed on Huang Yue Lis cheek. Without delay, a palm strike slapped that pervert away.

What are you doing? Itching for a beating?

Though the man was hit by her, he was not angry. He was actually recalled the feeling.

That little things cheek sure was soft, like tofu. The feeling was so good; really wanted to pinch it a bit more. And if he was able to bite, how good would that be..

Because he was thinking so blissfully, saliva nearly leaked out of his mouth.

Glancing at him, Huang Yue Li saw that his expression had changed. One glance was enough to tell that he was thinking something suspicious. In a burst of fury, she slapped out!

Godforsaken pervert! Shameless!

Snorting coldly, she shifted her head in an arrogant and cute manner.