Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1120

Chapter 1120 Sacred Phoenix Clans Inheritance Grounds 1

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“Ah—-!!! Female Devil, you… you’re finally awake—–!!! You… you simply scared me to death…. Wu wu wu wu…”

Huang Yueli was still in a daze when suddenly little shotacon took big steps with his shot legs as he pounced towards her, that chubby and flabby body jumped right into her embrace as he hugged her waist, refusing to let go.

Huang Yueli was initially stunned but later on she touched his head as she laughingly said, “Alright, alright, it’s alright now, aren’t I just fine now!”

Little Phoenix was so angry that it stomped its feet, “You still dare to laugh! Do you know how many days you have been in a coma for! Furthermore, your look previously was just too scary? You were covered in blood totally and your Profound Energy as well as your mental power were almost depleted!”

Huang Yueli curiously asked, “How many days have I slept for?”

Little Phoenix’s face instantly showed an embarrassed look, “Ah? About this… I also don’t know? This tower doesn’t seem to emit the sunlight from the outside and there’s only a fire on the wall which seemed like it doesn’t extinguish… how would I know how many days has it been?”

Then why did he still say it in that way earlier!

Huang Yueli was rather speechless.

Just at this moment, suddenly a voice entered her ears, “It has been five days since you entered the inheritance grounds.”

Huang Yueli was firstly stunned before screaming out in shock, “Who’s that talking?”

Not too far away, a good looking, long haired man looked towards them from afar.

“Ah…. Ghost! Ghost!! There was obviously no one here earlier!” Little Phoenix trembled from head to toe after he saw him and turned around as it jumped into Huang Yueli’s arms.

The man slowly shook his teeth as he said helplessly, “You yourself is a spiritual body and you still dare to say that other people are ghosts?”

Huang Yueli had already calmed down by now. She took a look at the man’s unusual good looking face and the way he walked and the expression he put on as he talking as she sort of made some guesses in her heart.

“You…. you are this high tower’s guardian? So you’re also a spiritual body? That’s why you can suddenly appear.” Huang Yueli opened her mouth to speak.

That high tower’s surface area, from the outside, seemed not very big and the inside was even smaller. From one end to the other end, it was merely thirty over steps distance and just one glance and one will be able to see the ending point.

When she entered the high tower, she took a clear look that there was no one in this tower so this man before their eyes was definitely not someone ordinary.

When the man heard her words, he nodded, “Looks like a junior like you have some knowledge.”

Huang Yueli’s mouth twitched as she felt slightly unable to accept it. After all she had lived for several decades in her past life and to be called as a junior…..

But changing her thoughts, the man in front of her was guarding this high tower and probably he had been here for tens of thousands of years. So as compared to him, she indeed was a junior, furthermore she was the most junior kind of junior level…..

But by now, Huang Yueli could tell that this man had no evil intentions towards her. Otherwise just based on the fact that she was in lethargic sleep for so many days, if he wanted to kill her, it was an easy feat. Even if he was too lazy to take action, all he needed to do was to throw her out of the tower, which would also lead to her death.

Thinking of this, Huang Yueli stood up as she clasped her fist into her other hand and paid her respects.

“This junior is Huang Yueli, may I know your name, Senior? And where is this place? From the outside, it seems that this place is a part of an early historical remains?”

The man’s brows rose in surprise as the expression on his face was an indescribable strange look.

“You say… you don’t know where this place is? How is that possible? Then how did you come in?”