Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1121

Chapter 1121 Sacred Phoenix Clans Inheritance Grounds 2

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The more Huang Yueli couldn’t understand, the tighter her slender brows grew.

“It’s like this, my father left me a piece of treasure map and he wanted me to follow the hints on the map to look for this early historical remains….”

The man replied, “That’s right, those who knows this place are all passed down by their parents. But since your father wants you to come here, didn’t he tell you what use this tower is for?”

“Ah? Regarding this… my father didn’t say.”

In actual fact, Huang Yueli had no time to look at the treasure map which Bai Liu Feng left behind so she didn’t know if he left any other clues but now that she has said like this, surely she can’t retrieve the treasure map now and took a look right? So she could only pretend till the end.

The man shook his head as he said in total displeasure, “Your father is simply too irresponsible! Such an important matter and yet he didn’t tell you clearly, what kind of that is he?”

Huang Yueli hurriedly explained for Bai Liu Feng, “Senior, don’t be mistaken. My father had been missing in an expedition since I was still at a very young age, so he didn’t purposely not tell me about this.”

The man then responded, “No wonder… since that’s the case, towards the clan’s matters, you know nothing at all?”

Huang Yueli was dumbstruck, “Clan?”

The man didn’t reply her immediately but stared at her dazed look for a while before sighing.

“This…. is a long story. Let me self-introduce. My name is Huang Zixiao, the guardian for this inheritance grounds. As what you have seen, I am in a spiritual body state and have been living in this inheritance grounds for eighty thousand over years…..”

“Eighty thousand years!” Huang Yueli cried out in shock.

She had thought that this high tower had been here since ten thousand years ago but whoever knew that it had already been in existence since eighty thousand years ago?

What concept was that? Simply unbelievable! Ten thousand years ago, Soaring Heavens Continent underwent a huge change and the past history had all disappeared, only leaving some early historical remains behind.

How was it like eighty thousand years ago, that was something no one had any way to find out.

She discovered another strange point, “Wait a moment, you… your surname is also Huang? And you said, this is… an inheritance ground? What inheritance ground?”

Huang Zixiao laughed as he said, “You and I are all members of the Sacred Phoenix Clan so isn’t the surname Huang a matter of fact? As for this place, it is…. The Sacred Phoenix Clan’s inheritance grounds.”

“Sacred Phoenix Clan?” Huang Yueli repeated after him, not knowing why that it was supposed to be a strange name but it seemed to tug some strings in her heart.

Huang Zixiao nodded and continued, “The Sacred Phoenix Clan had originally been one of the strongest families in Soaring Heavens Continent. Several thousands of years ago, when Soaring Heavens Continent’s Profound Qi was still abundant, among the entire God Realm’s subsidiary Three Thousand Continent, it was considered top rated. We, the Sacred Phoenix Clan, had always been residing in Soaring Heavens Continent and we have given birth to numerous famed peerless geniuses in Three Thousand Continent! Even in God Realm, we have established ourselves to be one of the four major families!

As he reminisced about the past when the clan was at its peak, the cherished look which flashed past his eyes, with a deep gaze, as though he had returned to the past.

Little Phoenix was hiding in Huang Yueli’s arms originally but when he heard this, he couldn’t help but jump out.

“Ah! Sacred Phoenix Clan! I remember now, I heard of this family before! They are famous in God Realm! Among God Realm’s Top Ten Gods, three were from Sacred Phoenix Clan! But what you’re saying is a problem, isn’t it? Such a powerful clan, how could they possible have started from the Soaring Heavens Continent?”