Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1122

Chapter 1122 Sacred Phoenix Clans Inheritance Grounds 3

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Huang Zixiao didn’t reply immediately, instead his vision fell onto Little Wang Cai, as a smile was revealed at the corners of his lips.

“Tsk tsk, this is actually the body of an infant phoenix? And just completed it’s first advancement? I think he seems to be at least a few thousand years old and it’s only now that he completed his first advancement, isn’t he a little slow in development?”

Little Wang Cai was instantly riled up and retorted, “You…. who are you saying is slow in development? Little Master I am so handsome and suave, so aggressive and formidable….”

He tried his best to hoot but Huang Zixiao treated him like air as he continued talking, without minding anyone else.

“… but, you’re so young and already succeeded in contracting a phoenix, so you can be considered to be a top talent among our clan in God Realm, and that is extremely hard to come by! Even though this phoenix’s development has flaws, but you are still considered as a top-rated genius in the clan!”

When Huang Yueli heard this, she was still unable to regain her senses.

From Huang Zixiao’s tone, contracting a phoenix didn’t seemed to be a universally shocking matter? He said it was “hard to come by”, so that meant that it wasn’t “one and only”, but something which happened once in a while.

But the Phoenix was an authentic spiritual beast! To frequently contract a spiritual beast…

Heavens, what kind of terrifying clan was that? Even though they were a large clan in the God Realm, surely such foul play couldn’t happen right?

Moreover, from what Huang Zixiao meant, she was a member of that powerful clan? Was there a mistake somewhere?

“Wait a minute! Senior…. Huang! That… you’re saying, I’m from the Sacred Phoenix Clan?”

Huang Zixiao paused for a moment as though he was looking at an idiot, “Of course! This inheritance tower can only be activated by practitioners who possesses the bloodline of the Sacred Phoenix Clan. Furthermore, the density of the bloodline must reach a certain degree otherwise even if you let all the blood in your body run dry, you’d not be able to open the door at all! Now that you’ve already entered this place, you actually don’t know which clan you belong to?”

“Bu…. But…. this is not possible, isn’t it? I mean…. My background is very ordinary and there aren’t many high levelled practitioners in my family, and we are just an ordinary practitioner’s family…..”

“Your background is ordinary?” Huang Zixiao laughed grimly, “You have a rare Flame Spirit Physique which is not commonly seen even in the God Realm! If your background is indeed from an ordinary practitioner family, how would you have such good innate talent? Please use your brain slightly to think, don’t tell me your innate talent and physique was changed because you were struck by lightning?”

“Ughh… this…..”

Huang Yueli felt that under Huang Zixiao’s continuous setbacks, she was almost going to be despised to an idiot…..

This, to her, was a rare experience and usually she was the one who despised others for being dumb, but today she had actually been despised by others.

But the news which Huang Zixiao brought her was indeed too shocking, so there was no way she could remain calm.

Suddenly, a thought flashed past her mind as she suddenly recalled her mother who she had not met before, that she was a ninth grade talented super genius, but her background was a total mystery, could it be that…..

“How is it? Finally understood what happened?”

“Still not very sure…..”

She was filled with puzzlement but Huang Zixiao’s bore a matter-of-fact expression and continued talking.

“Don’t feel that it’s not possible, since things have already come to pass, and the inheritance grounds absolutely would not allow those non-blood related people to enter, so no matter what tricks they try to use to enter forcefully, they would all be expelled!”

When Huang Yueli heard these, her tears almost fell.

After so long, she tried ways and means to shut Ling Wenbin outside the inheritance tower, in the end, it was a total waste of her energy?