Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1129

Chapter 1129 Heaven Grade Genius 2

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The energy in the Sky Phoenix Ring was as though a steady flow. No matter how much the light pillar absorbed it, it still steadily unleashed the power outwards.

Because of that, the light pillar also rose upwards and it didn’t met with any further obstruction.

It was all the way until the distance was one tenth away from the peak when Huang Yueli felt the energy in her meridians gradually turning lesser.

By the time it had reached a distance of one percent away from the peak, the energy in her was almost depleted.

What should she do? It’s just that little bit left again!

Huang Zixiao was already in so much shock that he was totally unable to sit still.

Heaven grade…. This was heaven grade! This young lass was actually so near to heaven grade!

What concept was that? Haven grade genius, was a rare existence in the entire God Realm!

Towards the super levelled Sacred Phoenix Race clan, it was already a high frequency if they were able to come out with one in every ten thousand years.

As for those slightly smaller influences in God Realm, in the hundreds of thousands of history, if they were able to get just one, their ancestors’ graves would fume green smoke!

If Huang Yueli could reach it… then…..

But don’t think that it was just one percent away, the later it was, the more difficult it became!

At this moment in time, in order for the light pillar to step over that last natural moat, and reach the most excelled standard which everyone looked up to, it wasn’t just based on their in-born physique, potential, comprehension but purely determination! It was all based on a heart filled with determination, only thinking of moving forwards and not giving up!

If there wasn’t any slightly bigotry determination, no matter how good the in-born qualifications were, then one would not have any possibility of breaking through.

So, there were numerous superior geniuses who had great in-born talents, but they were unable to be to be recognised as heaven grade, so after they had confirmed that all their potential had been unleashed, they chose to give up.

Whereas for Huang Yueli… would she give up?

Huang Yueli didn’t gave up, and she didn’t want to give up!

It was just this little bit left and she had gone through so much to come to this step, so how could she possibly gave up!

She knew that she needed more strength and needed to grow up more. She wanted to stand side by side with Mu Chengying and she wanted to exact revenge towards those who had caused her death in her previous life! All these required her to become strong, furthermore, she must turn stronger in the shortest amount of time!

She must persevere in taking this last step!

But after the energy in the Sky Phoenix Ring was depleted, the light pillar could not extract any more energy from her body, hence it started to draw her blood essence.

Blood Essence was a person’s underlying foundation and once it had been drawn out, their life span would be swiftly weakened and even a huge possibility which would lead to their deaths directly!

Huang Yueli only felt that there were two different energies in and outside her body, which kept tugging and pulling, as though it was about to split her up into two halves!

But even under such pain and pressure, she still forced herself to remain calm!

Earlier although there was Sky Phoenix Ring to supply energy to the light pillar, but she had not given up on using the << Nine Phoenix Transformations >> to regenerate her own Profound Energy! Even though she knew that this little bit of Profound Energy was definitely not a lot, but she absolutely would not give up any sliver of hope!

The cultivation method had been operated till now and she finally accumulated some Profound Energy. She tried her best to persist on and injected these Profound Energy into her meridians.

The light pillar quickly drew away that little bit of Profound Energy which she managed to squeeze out.

Immediately following that, the light pillar began to move upwards again, it’s snail pace was so slow that one could not see any changes at all.

But no matter how slow it was, it was still continuing to ascend.

Finally…. gradually moving closer towards the peak…..

One of one hundredth…. One of one thousandth…. One of ten thousandth…..