Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1131

Chapter 1131 Heaven Grade Genius 4

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There was no need to think, if one day Huang Yueli was able to enter the God Realm, she would definitely become someone whom the clan would spent all their efforts into nurturing this peerless genius!

For this kind of character, to tell the truth, he absolutely must get on good terms with her.

Hence, Huang Zixiao’s attitude took a 360 degree turn and immediately treated her in an amiable manner.

Huang Yueli naturally could tell that his tone was different from before but she didn’t think much of it. Because in this world whereby the strong were treated with respect, one’s potential was the entrance pass to everywhere so the other party’s reaction was as normal as it could it!

After Huang Yueli indulged in her happiness for a moment, she said, “That’s right, Senior, earlier you seemed to have mentioned that I’ve passed the first stage of refinement? When did that happen? Could it be that it was when I was in a concussion and it had unfathomably passed by?”

Huang Zixiao laughed, “Of course not! The process of refinement was the innate talent assessment itself! This wasn’t just an assessment on your potential, but also towards your determination! Earlier while you were being accessed, the light pillar had halted twice in its ascension, so had you met with a bottleneck? If you had given up halfway or admitted that it was due to the fact that you couldn’t do anything else, would you still be able to obtain the evaluation of heaven grade?”

Huang Yueli’s face immediately revealed an expression which showed she was in deep thoughts.

“So it’s like that…..”

Huang Zixiao continued, “Since it’s refinement, then there would definitely be a reward. Earlier the Profound Energy and Blood Essence which was drawn away from you by the light pillar had been returned to your body double-fold, so don’t tell me you couldn’t feel that your condition is much better than it originally was? Furthermore.. you’ve even advanced!”

Huang Yueli was just feeling strange earlier but now she finally understood.

So the inheritance tower actually as such a miraculous existence. To return the Profound Energy twice the amount into her meridians, no wonder she hadn’t soaked in the medicinal bath but felt a breakthrough on the shackles of the Flame Spirit Physique, completing an entire huge realm’s breakthrough!

But of course, for Sacred Phoenix Race such a powerful clan, to hold on to a large amount of resources, the practitioners within the clan definitely wasn’t the same as her, affected by a Flame Spirit Physique and being treated as trash by others, living muddleheadedly for the past fourteen years. Their advancement, should be rather easy.

“I’d not expected the inheritance tower’s reward to be so miraculous….” She sighed with emotion.

Huang Zixiao laughed, “This is merely the first stage’s reward. Moreover, not everyone would be able to receive the Profound Energy back two fold. If the assessment had ended at ordinary grade, then the reward obtained would be very little. Furthermore, there are really very rare cases where anyone was able to advance directly like you, so you’re really a heaven grade genius! The Profound Energy within you…. just how abundant is it?”

Huang Yueli went into a blank for a moment before she continued, “Actually, my cultivation level isn’t very high and my Profound Energy isn’t considered as abundant, so I wonder when the light pillar ascended, just what standard did it relied on to measure it?”

Huang Zixiao nodded, “Innate talent assessment, assesses potential and innate talent, so I can only say your innate talent has surpassed others.”

Huang Yueli lowered her head as she smiled, not continuing on this topic any further.

In actual fact, she knew clearly that she was able to reach heaven grade successfully, mainly it was because of that mysterious energy which suddenly exploded from Sky Phoenix Ring. That wasn’t Profound Energy but another kind of special energy, but she didn’t know what it was exactly?

But she was very careful not to display it out, as her instinct told her that the Sky Phoenix Ring wasn’t any ordinary God Relic.

Luckily, Huang Zixiao didn’t notice that something was wrong with her.

He continued, “Following this, are you going to continue with the second stage of refinement immediately?”