Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1132

Chapter 1132 Heaven Grade Genius 5

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Huang Yueli asked curiously, “Second stage of refinement? How many stages are there in total?”

Huang Zixiao answered, “The refinement has a total of three stages. But as of now, you can only complete the first two stages of refinement.”


“Because only ninth stage realm practitioners can withstand the third stage of refinement! Furthermore, the foremost condition which determine if you can enter it is if you are able to complete the second stage of refinement perfectly! Let’s not talk about how many thousand and hundred miles your cultivation is away from the ninth stage realm, just this second stage of refinement, you might not be able to obtain the result which you want.”

“Why is that so?” Huang Yueli quipped curiously.

Huang Zixiao explained, “Because you have obtained the heaven grade genius evaluation, so you will need to take part in the heaven grade refinement! The difficulty of the heaven grade refinement is much higher by several notches as compared to the other three grades. Do you remember that I mentioned earlier that you’re the third in this inheritance tower to be accessed to be a heaven grade genius practitioner? The two before you weren’t able to pass through the second stage of refinement perfectly!”

“Ah? It’s that difficult?”

Huang Yueli immediately became dumbstruck, as s thought flashed past her mind. If she knew this earlier, she would have directly stopped at Earth grade, she made a huge loss this round…..

Huang Yueli totally didn’t concealed the expression on her face so that little expression was just too obvious.

Huang Zixiao took a look at her and knew what she was thinking, so his face turned green immediately.

“Why? From your expression, you’re regretting it? How can youngsters have no wish for success and only look at what they will gain from it?”

Huang Yueli laughed dryly, but she thought to herself, Rubbish, if it wasn’t for the refinement reward, I wouldn’t have risked my life and fought hard to take part in the refinement! This days, it wasn’t easy for anyone to survive, so if there are no gains, who would di it?

Huang Zixiao stared at her as he continued, “Heaven grade genius reward, would of course be much better than Earth grade geniuses! If you can pass through this second stage of refinement perfectly, the reward that you obtain would be the same as an Earth grade genius’s third stage reward! As for Earth grade genius passing the third stage refinement, the probability is probably not even one in ten thousand people, and one must be in ninth stage realm in order to obtain this reward! If you think in this way, don’t you think you’ve earned it big time?”

Huang Yueli’s surprised and joyful eyes instantly grew big, “Seems like I really earned big time?”

Huang Zixiao almost fainted!

Among the Sacred Phoenix Race clansmen whom he had encountered, which one of them didn’t have the demeanour of a large clan’s disciple? Even if they thought about the various rewards and gains in their hearts and were all calculating deep within, no one would reflect this on the surface! How devalued was this!

When had he ever met anything who acted like Huang Yueli, totally a money-grubber face…

The most mysterious part was this expression surfacing on such a pure and elegant face, but it didn’t make anyone have the slightest bit of dislike, instead it made her look even more lovable.

Huang Zixiao was annoyed as he held it in for some time, thinking to lecture her but on thinking that this non-reasonable young lass was actually a heaven grade genius, so he gagged and forced his words back, changing his words, “Then will you take part in the second stage of the refinement or will you like to cultivate for a while, to stabilise your cultivation?”

Huang Yueli thought for a moment and replied, “I think I better take part in the refinement right now!”

Huang Zixiao didn’t managed to tolerate it and shot his mouth off, “You’d better think about this carefully, the difficulty of the second stage of refinement is very high and if you were to enter it, but not able to pass through it perfectly, there won’t be a second chance! Now that you’ve finally broke through a large realm, isn’t it better for you to cultivate a little while more so that you can put out your potential to your largest extent!”