Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1133

Chapter 1133 Heaven Grade Gen

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However, Huang Yueli insisted, “Better to do it now!”

How would she not understood what Huang Zixiao said.

But in order to solidify her cultivation, it would take at least a month’s time for it to be completely stabilised. She was still in a hurry to get to Celestial Light Sect and meet up with Li Moying, so she wasn’t able to waste any more time.

Since that’s so, why now she should strike the iron while it’s still hot and using this timing where she had just advanced, since the Profound Energy in her was most abundant right now, perhaps she might be able to work it up to complete the refinement at one go.

Huang Zixiao was silently coughing up blood in his heart.

This heaven grade young lass was really non reasonable, the things she said and did were totally not following the proper pathway! How on earth did she become heaven grade?

He speechlessly flicked his sleeves.

In the centre of the high tower, four big doors appeared out of nowhere and the surroundings were filled with rising flame patterns.

“See the rightmost door with the word “Heaven” on it, walk through that door and scale the storeys in the inheritance tower. There are a total of seven storeys in the inheritance tower and in each single storey, you will meet different cultivation and number of opponents. You must defeat them all to enter the next storey! If you’re defeated, then you will be expelled out! The more storeys you enter, the better the reward you will obtain! Have you heard me clearly?”

Huang Yueli nodded, “I understand, then I’ll go in right now.”

“Wait a minute!”

Just as Huang Yueli was about to walk through the door, Huang Zixiao called out to her from behind.

“Don’t blame me for not reminding you! The difficulty of this stage is related to your age and not comparable to your actual potential! To tell the truth, you’re going to turn fifteen but still at the early stage of fourth stage realm cultivation. As compared to our Sacred Phoenix Race in ancient times, you cultivation is considered low. The enemies you encounter when you enter now will be much stronger than what you can imagine! If you really cannot handle it, don’t force yourself, otherwise there is a possibility that you will sustain permanent injuries.”

Huang Yueli’s footsteps halted as a glint of resolution flashed past her eyes.

“I understand, thank you Senior!”

Huang Zixiao’s words were truly out of concern for her.

Based on Huang Yueli’s current cultivation, in the current Soaring Heavens Continent with such diluted Profound Qi, naturally it was already not bad but the inheritance tower’s refinement was set up according to the conditions thousands of years ago.

Moreover she had passed the heaven grade refinement!

You could imagine, the difficulty!

In the past, it wasn’t as though there weren’t any geniuses in the clan who were injured in the inheritance tower. Ten thousand years ago, every single time the inheritance tower opened up, there would be a few practitioners who tried to flaunt their superiority and got seriously injured in the second stage, thereafter affecting their cultivation later on.

Huang Zixiao was very worried that this rare heaven grade genius would sustain injury because she had undermined her opponent. If she were to die here, then it would be a huge loss to the entire clan!

He had expected that even after hearing his advice, not only did Huang Yueli not become more cautious, she even seemed to… become more excited?


“Sigh, youngsters, really don’t know how high the sky is! You’ll understand after you enter the place and if you’re expelled just after three to four storeys, then you’d know what’s called embarrassment!”

While Huang Zixiao was ridiculing her, Huang Yueli strode into the big door with the word “Heaven”.

The flame flickered and she disappeared right in front of Huang Zixiao and Little Phoenix.

The big door closed up behind Huang Yueli.

Behind the door was the same layout as the inheritance tower’s interior design, only difference was she could not see Huang Zixiao and Little Phoenix. Other than that, the first storey’s enemy had already appeared in front of her.

She raised her head and took a look but was truly shocked as a stupefied expression was shown on her face!