Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1134

Chapter 1134 See The Person Alive The Corpse If Dead 1

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Celestial Light Academy.

Jiang Tuxin was standing right in front of Li Moying as he explained with fear and trepidation, as sweat kept dripping from his forehead.

“Young…. Young Sect Master, the matter…. has already been investigated clearly…..”

He raised his head and stole a glance at Li Moying, and shuddered uncontrollably as he saw his icy cold look, but he could only force himself to continue speaking.

“The person who was secretly tailing Miss Bai, and attacking the others in the middle of the road, is highly possibly Celestial Light Sect’s Vice Principal Ling Wenbin. Because there are only a total of three people who are of seventh stage realm in Celestial Light Sect. Two of them had been on rotation duty at the Scripture Depository and had not left their positions whereas Ling Wenbin had been certified to have gone missing since the day Miss Bai left Celestial Light Academy. Furthermore, according to the description of the situation by those few merchants from Jade Wind Merchant Guild, it fitted Ling Wenbin totally…..”

Li Moying coldly replied, “Your so called investigate clearly is just to tell me this conclusion? That old fool dares to lay his hands on my woman so naturally he deserves thousands of deaths! I will absolutely not let him off! But now, is the most important matter about whether it’s him or not? The most important thing now is to find Li’er! Which of you can tell me where Li’er is right now??”

Hearing Li Moying’s harsh and severe questions, those present all lowered their heads in silence, not daring to look at his eyes.

Ever since the day they found out that something had happened to Huang Yueli, they had been searching for her without any rest for the past seven to eight days under Li Moying’s direction.

It was merely a few thousand miles of journey from Celestial Light Academy to Celestial Light Sect and they had already led hundreds of people, searching from head to toe, and they’ve already interrogated almost every single family in the nearby towns but no one had seen anyone who looked like Huang Yueli or Ling Wenbin appearing at all.

This kind of situation was just a little too strange!

As the saying went, see the person alive and the corpse if dead.

Two living people just disappeared into thin air like that, wasn’t that strange?

And the merchants from Jade Wind Merchant Guild had confirmed that the location of the incident happened nearby, which had been surrounded by Li Moying’s men which even water could not leaked out. They were just short of digging up the ground to look for them.

But from the battle marks left on the ground, they could only tell that the both of them headed towards the east side and the trail ended just after ten over miles, without any sign of battle at all.

If it wasn’t for the fact that they were still rational, they would probably had suspected that these two had vanished from the face of the earth.

After investigating for seven to eight days continuously, everyone present cut in a sorry state.

Amongst them, the one who looked most dishevelled was Li Moying himself.

For the longest time ever, he had not shut his eyes for more than two hours and the panda rings under his eyes were super black but the cold and severe look beneath his eyes increased by the day. Anyone who exchanged glances with him could not help but tremble with fear.

Li Moying had personally went to every single route to the towns which Huang Yueli could possibly appear in.

Btu the result, had always been disappointing…..

His Li’er, had disappeared just like that.

Could she really had been killed by that old fool?

Li Moying totally didn’t dared to face that kind of conclusion, moreover, he felt that it just wasn’t possibly deep down in his heart!

His Li’er…. couldn’t possibly have died easily like this. She is so resourceful and so witty, and with that strong innate talent and response, even if it was facing a seventh realm practitioner, she would definitely have a way….