Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1135

Chapter 1135 See The Person Alive The Corpse If Dead 2

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No matter how much Li Moying tried to convince himself that Huang Yueli wasn’t dead but as the investigation went on day after day without any progress, he started to doubt himself…

If Huang Yueli was still alive, on seeing so many people searching for her, and even seeing Li Moying and those familiar shadow guards appearing nearby, how could she not possibly show up?

Li Moying had not expected that Huang Yueli actually entered an early historical remains.

Besides that, as the inheritance tower’s energy wasn’t enough, so every forty nine days then would it appear once in the wilderness, not to mention that the location of its appearance would always be slightly different. Those without the treasure map in their hands had a ninety nine percent possibility of not being able to find its position…..

Li Moying was getting very anxious, plus the fact that he had not rested for a long time, not even eating anything much.

So his mind started to whirl as he fell towards the ground.

“Young Sect Master!”


Shadow Guards hurriedly crowded around him as they held him at, simultaneously advicing him to rest.

“Master, we have not done well in not being able to locate Third Miss. Don’t be anxious, rest properly for a day! I believe that Third Miss, with her intelligence and wit, even if she met with a perilous situation, she would be able to turn the bad things around.”

“That’s right, Young Sect Master, you can’t be overly anxious about such matters! You’re the entire Sect’s hope, and if your body collapses, then…”

“Enough!” Li Moying’s hand held his groggy head, “Li’er is suffering in some place suffering and you want me to rest? How could I even have the heart to rest? All of you get out and search for her! Think clearly if there’s anywhere that you’ve not searched and which clues had been missed out by us! If we’re just one step short and that caused an unsalvageable consequences, all of you don’t even think of having a good life ahead! Quickly go!”

The more he thought, the more anxious he got as he was unable to wait any further and continued to rush out to search for her.

Looking at Li Moying departing back, all the shadow guards bore an anxious look on their faces.

Jiang Tuxin was drenched in sweat as he worriedly look towards Mo Yi, “Protector Mo, you think….. what should we do about this? It’s been so many days and we still aren’t able to locate Miss Bai’s whereabouts. To tell the truth, in my heart, I really think that…..”

“Stop your wild guesses!” Mo Yi hurriedly stopped him, “If these words were to enter Master’s ears, even one thousand deaths for you isn’t enough!”

Jiang Tuxin hurriedly shut his mouth and after some time, he gave a long sigh, “Ai, what do you think about this matter…..”

Mo Yi replied, “Principal Jiang, since Master has already given his instructions, the only way we have left now is to continue searching! Do you dare to defy Master’s instructions? Moreover, you don’t understand Third Miss well enough. She’s not that kind of person who would easily fall into the hands of others. She’s not that weak so she must definitely be alive!”

In actual fact, Jiang Tuxin really wasn’t sure why such a petite young girl like Huang Yueli, without any family background, had the full support and adoration of Li Moying and his Shadow Guards.

To be able to captivate the heart of Li Moying, this kind of man, depended on luck but to even be able to convince his subordinates, that absolutely wasn’t something which common people could achieve.

Even if it was Murong Fei, those shadow guards totally didn’t catch their eyes.

Mo Yi hurriedly added, “As compared to Third Miss’s whereabouts, I’m more worried about another matter and I’m afraid by then, I’d need Principal Jiang’s help on it.”

Jiang Tuxin shivered as he subconsciously felt that it wasn’t a good thing.