Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1138

Chapter 1138 Incredible Speed 2

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Even though she had thousands of question marks in her mind, but Huang Yueli already knew this time that the time taken to pass through the round contributed to the ranking!

So she didn’t hesitate any further as she drew out a long sword from the Sky Phoenix Ring and combining it with her fire attributed Profound Skill, she directed it towards little Lolita!

This little Lolita’s potential was indeed much stronger than the previous opponent.

Enough though she was only in second stage realm eighth level, but her actual potential could easily challenge a third stage realm third level practitioner.

One must know that it was extremely difficult to battle across the realm level, especially if it’s crossing over a large realm, to challenge a powerful opponent, only top rated geniuses could do that! This little Lolita was really worthy of being the Sacred Phoenix Race’s appointed refinement opponent. If the person who took part in the refinement had the same cultivation as her, then it would be a difficult task to deal with her!

Thinking of this, a thought fleeted past Huang Yueli’s mind but she wasn’t able to grasp it.

She thought carefully for a while and that little Lolita had already fallen beneath her feet.

At the same time, the countdown in the inheritance tower was activated once again.

“Congratulations Huang Yueli, you’ve successfully passed the second storey of the inheritance tower, using forty breaths. In the past ten thousand years among the practitioners who had passed the second storey, your rank is three hundred. Your reward is a fifth tier upper grade Profound Armament, Hexapole Sword!

This time, her ranking had indeed risen!

Rank three hundred, it sounded very incredible, so much that even Huang Yueli was shocked beyond words.

She didn’t felt that she was that strong? She had not even used ten percent of her actual potential!

“….. Four, Three, Two, One! Start!”

The shining glow sparked and Huang Yueli was transported to the third storey.

In the inheritance tower.

Hiang Zixiao laid a rug on the ground and sat cross-legged, a flask of wind appeared out of nowhere in his hand as he poured it into a cup and slowly enjoyed it.

Little Phoenix sat obediently by his side.

Actually, this fellow usually wasn’t that obedient, especially when he was with a stranger, all the more he wouldn’t behave properly.

Only, to be beside this kind of practitioner who was also a spiritual body, and his potential was really much more powerful than him. Just casually pointing would rendered him immovable, so that gave Little Phoenix no means of resisting.

“Alright, after your Master had entered the refinement, she will need at least twenty over days before she can come out, so let’s just wait here slowly!”

“It needs to be that long? What kind of rubbish refinement is that, how could it possible take such a long time?” Little Phoenix grumbled.

Huang Zixiao knocked on its head and said, “What do you know? What I’m saying is under the circumstances that everything is smooth sailing, then she will take twenty over days. I haven’t even touched on the situation whereby it’s not smooth sailing yet!”

“The difficulty of the refinement in the inheritance tower is very high. Just the first storey opponent is similar to the refiner’s cultivation! After that, in every storey the refinement opponent would obviously be on a higher stage than the previous. When it’s nearing the end, there is a possibility that she will have to face a practitioner who is higher than her by two large realms, and we’re talking about those super top experts whose potential are on the forefront among people in their same level! After every storey, it will be a bitter battle, so spending over twenty over days isn’t anything rare at all, there are some who had spent one hundred over days and still not able to come out!”

Little Phoenix asked curiously, “Why must they stay inside for one hundred over days? If they were seriously injured during the battle, won’t they be transported out directly?”

Huang Zixiao replied, “That’s under the situation whereby they’re so seriously injured that they cannot continue with their battle. If it was merely losing a battle and the refiner could still defend themselves, then as long as they escaped out of the attack boundary of the opponent, then they would not be attacked any further.”