Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1139

Chapter 1139 Incredible Speed 3

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“During this time, the refiner can raise their own potential through the refinement or when they have found the opponent’s flaws, then they can continue to battle!”

“You should also know that in the midst of a battle, Profound Skill and cultivation will be raised very quickly. Especially in front of an especially strong opponent’s threat, plus the density of the Profound Qi in the inheritance tower is extremely high, so during the process of passing the refinement, there are many practitioners who advance or breakthrough, and through their advancement, they are able to win the stronger opponent. This takes a long period of time and some of them would choose to stay inside to cultivate for a long period of time.”

“But the refinement time is limited and at most, they cannot exceed half a year. If they are not able to pass within half a year, even if they’re not seriously injured, they cannot continue staying inside.”

After Huang Zixiao finished with his explanation, he turned his head and looked at Little Phoenix. He had expected to see it’s expression filled with worship but in the end, what he saw was a little bun face which looked as though it had seen a ghost.

“What’s the matter?” He asked with a frown.

Little Phoenix stretched out its short and plump finger as it pointed behind his back.

“You… quickly take a look! Why did that door display numbers after my Master walked into it?”

Huang Zixiao replied, “Numbers represent which storey your Master is now at. Such a short amount of time and there’s already numbers showing, looks like she’s already entered the second storey? But this is also normal. First storey refinement opponent normally are similar to the refiner. Your master is a heaven grade genius so she’s definitely have no problem…. Heavens, what’s going on?”

Huang Zixiao was casually explaining in a breezy manner as he turned his head.

Originally, his tone was extremely normal but after he saw the “Heaven” door displaying the number, he looked as though he had been struck by lightning as he stood dumbstruck.

It took quite a while before his eyes popped out and shouted, “This….. am I seeing things? The number on this door, could it be…. Four?”

Little Phoenix was also bearing a dazed expression, “You didn’t see it wrong, because I also saw…. Four? No, no, it’s Five!”

Huang Zixiao felt that his breathing was about to stop as his heartbeat palpitated swiftly!

He seemed to have witnessed another incredulous miraculous birth once again!

But… how could this be possible? How did Huang Yueli managed to enter the fifth storey so quickly? This was an even more shocking than her being a heaven grade genius!

Because the second storey’s refinement opponent was specially matched previously, so Huang Yueli’s heaven grade innate talent actually could not bring her any advantages, but it would increase the difficulty of her refinement! Her opponent, would be much more powerful than the others!

She should…. take a longer time than others to pass wasn’t it?

However, the truth was shown right in front of their eyes.

The door’s number was an obvious “Five”!

The inheritance tower could not possibly cheat anyone and that already explained that Huang Yueli had indeed entered the fifth storey of the inheritance tower!

But after the fifth storey refinement had started, the number on the door had not changed for a very long time.

Little Phoenix stared at the door with a daze before turning his head to ask, “Uncle, didn’t you say passing the refinement was very difficult? Just one storey would require around one to two days? Why did my Master pass so quickly? Have you remembered wrongly or something?”

Huang Zixiao didn’t know how to reply to him.

Because such a situation like Huang Yueli’s had long surpassed his imagination. It wasn’t like he had not met any heaven grade geniuses in the past but none of them were able to do this so skilfully and easily in the heaven grade’s refinement!