Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1140

Chapter 1140 Incredible Speed 4

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This young lass… where on earth did this perverse lass pop out from?

Little Phoenix asked again, “Since my Master can pass so quickly, she would probably be out before the sky turns dark right?”

Huang Zixiao gave him a stare and replied, “How can that be possible? From fifth storey onwards, the refinement opponent’s cultivation level is higher by exactly one large realm! Moreover heaven grade genius’s opponent are also heaven grade standard. With the same kind of innate talent, with the opponent’s cultivation surpassing by herself by a huge notch, how will she be able to obtain victory so easily? No matter how abnormal she is, she couldn’t possibly come out so quickly!”

“Wh… What’s with that… looking down on others! My Master is especially powerful and especially talented, perhaps she might be able to come out?”


Huang Zixiao wanted to say “Not possible”, but recalling that the few theories that he had set down earlier had once and again been thrown back smacking his face by her astonishing performance, this time round, he didn’t dare to assert so absolutely.

“Although this possibility is there, but I feel that likely she’s not able to. Let’s wait till tonight and see how things go!”

He had chosen a slightly conservative way of saying.

In actual fact, Huang Zixiao had not been wrong in the end. When dusk fell, the number on the door had changed from “Five” to “Six” but Huang Yueli had not came out.

Even though he guessed correctly, but the shocking sensation in Huang Zixiao’s heart had not become any less.

Because Huang Yueli took around eight hours to pass the fifth storey and if he didn’t recall wrongly, the last practitioner who clocked the record was an Earth grade genius and the time he left behind was twenty two hours!

Huang Yueli had already surpassed him and became the record holder for the fifth storey.

Following that, there were two more storeys….

And the amount of time she spent was already faster than others by half….

If this trend continues, if there were no accidents, not only would she be able to pass successfully, she would also be able to break the perfect passing time record directly!

Where on heavens could you find such a ridiculous matter?

At the present moment, Huang Yueli had already entered the sixth storey.

In the previous few storeys, the first four storeys’ opponents were completely not a threat to her.

The fifth storey’s opponent had created a little mayhem for her. The opponent’s cultivation had just entered the fourth stage realm but as he was a water attributed practitioner, the clash in the attributes happened to curb Huang Yueli’s.

Moreover the opponent had apparently trained God Realm’s high levelled cultivation methods and Profound Skills. The methods of attacks were extremely crafty and she had never encountered such moves previously. So she wasn’t able to react in time, hence spending a rather long duration tangling with the opponent, before finally defeating the opponent.

Ever since she entered the sixth storey, Huang Yueli became even more cautious.

Because, this time, she truly felt a powerful presence which was enough to threaten her.

This was her first time matching up against an opponent whose cultivation level was much higher than hers!

Fourth stage realm third level’s heaven grade genius!

In the inheritance tower.

Little Phoenix was originally betting with Huang Zixiao delightfully, saying that his Master would not need a day before she could pass the seven storeys refinement perfectly.

In the end, reality was, after an entire day and night, the number on the door changed from “Six” to “Seven”.

Little Phoenix lost the bet as it’s chubby bun face was filled with disappointment, as he kept mumbling.

“Female Devil ah, Female Devil, aren’t you a little weak? Usually when you take the feather duster to beat me, aren’t you very powerful?”