Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1141

Chapter 1141 Incredible Speed 5

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“Why are you now not living up to expectations! You actually made this little master lose the bet! With this, are you even considered as a heaven grade genius?”

Little Phoenix continued to nag, and Huang Zixiao was irritated by his incessant chatterings so he lifted it by the neck and threw him aside.

“Alright, stop nagging, your Master is already very powerful! With her current speed, the first six storeys passing speed, she is already much stronger that the second fastest person by several times! If she’s called disappointing, then what should you, a dysplasia phoenix, be called?”

“You… who did you say was dysplasia?” Little Phoenix was infuriated.

Huang Zixiao didn’t say a word but that rising almond shaped eyes shot towards little phoenix’s tummy which jutted outwards.

Little Phoenix quickly took a deep breath and sucked in his tummy, and at the same time stomping his feet, “I…. I am storing energy for the sake of growing up! At least I’m not like you, you’re already so old and for several thousands of years, there’s no way you can continue developing, so are you jealous of me?”

“He he…” Huang Zixiao smiled with a profound meaning as he didn’t continue.

Dare to be disrespectful to a senior like him? He he, just wait to say goodbye to chicken drumsticks! Anyway it was having chicken drumsticks which left to this little fellow being dysplasia. He taught Huang Yueli the proper way to rear a phoenix, not to give him a hard time, but to help him!

Little Phoenix felt his sinister cold stare and unknowing the reason, it subconsciously shuddered.

Why…. did it suddenly have an ominous feeling?

“Congratulations Huang Yueli, you’ve successfully passed the sixth storey of the inheritance tower, using a total of twenty four hours. In the past ten thousand years among the practitioners who had passed the sixth storey, your rank is number one. Your reward is …”

When Huang Yueli heard the countdown voice, she clutched her chest as her heart palpitated furiously!

Earlier she took a long time to pass the sixth stage because the sixth stage opponent was out of her expectations, not only was his cultivation stronger than hers, furthermore, in terms of speed, it was an exceptional talented practitioner.

Huang Yueli couldn’t catch up with him at all and in the beginning she tried various methods, trying to get close to him but all she suffered were losses, without any winning options!

Moreover, the opponent was just too fast, so it was very difficult for her to even escape and there were several times when she was almost struck by the opponent, cutting a sorry state.

But after experiencing the first few hours of disorder, she managed to find out an inkling from the opponent’s motion.

The opponent’s speed was indeed very swift, but it wasn’t due to the disparity between their cultivations, but purely because the opponent’s motion skills were exceptional! Furthermore this set of Profound Skill wasn’t too difficult. If she had a way to take a clear look, with time to figure it out, she might be able to learn it!

Thinking of this, Huang Yueli intentionally provoked the opponent several times more, and while escaping, she observed the opponent displaying the Profound Skill’s method.

It didn’t take long before she mastered the initial steps of this set of motion work.

Although she couldn’t be matched against the opponent’s innate speed and wasn’t as experienced as the opponent when utilising the Profound Skill, but at least she wouldn’t be too far back and had ways to display her own methods, fighting it out with the opponent.

After several hours of trial and conclusion, she finally defeated the opponent!

In the end, she became the fastest person to pass the sixth storey and obtained a reward. It was actually a set of heaven grade Profound Skill <> cultivation scroll!

It was until this moment, that she found out that the set of cultivation method which she stole from the opponent, was the <>.