Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1142

Chapter 1142 Incredible Speed 6

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Furthermore, what the opponent displayed earlier, wasn’t just the first level of the Profound Skill.

The real <>, had a total of seven levels, only the last level could only be mastered when the cultivation grade had reached tenth stage realm.

Golding the cultivation method scroll, Huang Yueli pondered deeply.

“Looks like this refinement is not just an assessment only, the refinement itself was a chance, and every time we passed a storey, those were all assessing the practitioner’s comprehension, innate talent and determination, as well as the state of one’s psyche to remain calm under pressure. And through various ways deployed to win the opponent, the experience itself was already a kind of reward.”

“So things really is fishy, how could my opponents in the previous storeys…. Be possibly so weak?”

So according to the designer’s train of thought for this refinement, each storey should have its own meaning to it.

But as she had an instant win in those storeys, she couldn’t tell what the meaning was for those storeys…

“….. Four! Three! Two! One! Start!”

Huang Yueli had yet to find out why when she was sent to the seventh storey.

At the seventh storey, she finally met a real opponent which was of great threat to her – Fourth stage realm fifth level’s heaven grade genius!

Using her fourth stage realm first level, going up against a fourth stage realm fifth level!

If it was an ordinary fourth stage realm fifth stage practitioner, Huang Yueli wouldn’t even bat an eyelid.

In the past when she was only a second stage realm ninth level practitioner, hanging the fourth stage realm Imperial Tutor upside down and beating him up, was already an easy peasy matter to her. Now that she had broken through to fourth stage realm, her potential was much stronger than before!

The problem was, the opponent whom she was now facing, was a heaven grade genius just like her!

It was only until now that she finally had the chance to find out how strong the God Realm’s heaven grade geniuses were!

Facing this kind of opponent, even Huang Yueli was unable to avoid entering a tough battle!

During the battle, there were several times when she got injured, but using the <> initial level skill which she had just acquired, she managed to escape and hid in one corner as she repeatedly comprehended and grasped the experience which she had just obtained from the battle.

Not only that, while she was facing extreme conditions during the battle, her cultivation had also hit a breakthrough.

Huang Yueli had spent a total of seven days in the seventh storey and during this period, she had continuously advanced twice, reaching fourth stage realm third stage!

Under the fact that her cultivation was merely two small realms away from her opponent, and that she had spent exactly seven days to observe her opponent carefully, Huang Yueli finally accumulated enough knowledge and used it to her advantage as she defeated the opponent!

“Finally … ended!”

Huang Yueli heaved a long sigh of relief.

“Congratulations to Refiner Huang Yueli, for passing the second stage of heaven grade assessment perfectly! You are the first in ten thousand years to have passed this assessment! Your reward will be awarded by the inheritance tower’s guardian! Ten breaths later, you will be transported out of this refining mystic region.”

“Ten, Nine, Eight….. Three, Two, One!”

Following that, a blinding ray shone and Huang Yueli was once again sent to the bottom of the inheritance tower.

Right before her was a shocked Huang Zixiao and an agitated Little Phoenix.

“You… you actually did it, you actually passed the heaven grade refinement perfectly, furthermore….. so quickly!” Huang Zixiao said in disbelief.

Huang Yueli’s lips arched upwards as she smiled, “Small matter, I said long ago that I could do it.”

She sounded cocky when she said that. If she had said this right before the refinement, Huang Zixiao definitely would silently cursed this youngster for her arrogance and self-satisfaction.

But since she only waited till now to say this, he couldn’t say a word of rebuttal.