Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1143

Chapter 1143 Phoenixs Blood 1

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Because, she had already used her potential to explain everything!

Huang Zixiao was still in disbelief as he looked at Huang Yueli from head to toe, sizing her up as he shook his head and muttered to himself, “How could this be possible? How on earth did you do it? Could it be that your bloodline is purer than those direct descendants? Or is it because of your excellent power of comprehension which no one could match? Strange, this is really too strange!”

Saying that, he stared at Huang Yueli in the eyes as he questioned, “How on earth did you do it? The first stage’s opponent’s potential is a heaven grade genius who is the same as you, and in every stage following that, the opponent’s cultivation would increase significantly, most people would already expend a huge amount of effort trying to deal with the first opponent! Although there are some cases where the disparity of the practitioners are very huge and could use a few breath’s time to pass through the first stage, but those are top geniuses who failed during the innate testing assessment, and most of them would miss out just by a little to join the next grade, which was why they were able to display such standard in this assessment!”

“However, you’re already a heaven grade genius, don’t tell me you still surpass ordinary heaven grade geniuses by a huge chunk?”

When Huang Yueli heard this, she suddenly went into a blank for a moment, “You say…. The opponent in the first storey, is a heaven grade genius whose potential is equivalent to mine?”

Huang Zixiao failed to understand that, “That’s right, why? Don’t tell me you didn’t feel it?”


Huang Yueli was shocked but she managed to shut her mouth in time, not telling Huang Zixiao the truth.

Because when she first entered the refining mystic region, the opponent she met on the first storey was so weak that he collapsed at the first blow! It was until the fifth storey’s opponent before he could barely battle her for a longer period of time!

According to Huang Zixiao’s interpretation, her first storey opponent should be a fifth storey’s potential…

Why….. was her opponent so weak then?

Just at this moment, she suddenly recalled that right before she started her refinement, Huang Zixiao told her this, “Don’t blame me for not reminding you! The difficulty of this stage is related to your age and not comparable to your actual potential!”

To tell the truth, you’re going to turn fifteen but still at an early stage of fourth stage realm cultivation. As compared to our Sacred Phoenix Race in ancient times, you cultivation is considered low. The enemies you encounter when you enter now will be much stronger than what you can imagine!”

Her opponent, had nothing to do with her potential, but related to her age!

Huang Zixiao thought that her cultivation wasn’t enough because she was going to turn fifteen soon, but her cultivation was only at fourth stage realm. To a God Realm’s heaven grade genius, this cultivation speed was really slow.

But what Huang Zixiao didn’t knew was…. she just started cultivating barely half a year ago, and in her past fourteen years, she was a trash who didn’t had any Profound Energy!

Perhaps, Huang Zixiao’s understanding of the inheritance tower’s refining regulations wasn’t too clear.

The refining opponent’s difficult, to put it more precisely, wasn’t in accordance to her age, but according to the number of years of cultivation!

To God Realm’s top geniuses, they started cultivation at the age of four or five, and that was a commonly seen thing, so by the time they reach fourteen or fifteen years old, they had already cultivated for almost ten years. Only at fourth stage realm, indeed wasn’t outstanding at all.

But, what if one had only cultivated for less than a year?

Less than a year, and already advanced into fourth stage realm, shocking should be the word to describe this!

And the refining opponents whom she met were accorded based on her cultivation time, so naturally they would be much, much weaker than her!