Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1144

Chapter 1144 Phoenixs Blood 2

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An enlightened expression finally appeared on Huang Yueli’s face.

In this way, all the strange things that she had met with earlier, were all explainable!

“How is it? Why are you not saying a word?” Huang Zixiao urged.

Huang Yueli’s eyeballs rolled as she smiled, “I can’t remember what my first storey opponent was like, but he simply felt too weak! Just like what you guessed, looks like as compared to ordinary heaven grade geniuses, I’m really much more powerful than them!”

Huang Zixiao was rendered speechless as saying that was equivalent to not saying anything at all!

But saying that, if she was really so strong to such an extent, then defeated the opponent who was much weaker than her indeed didn’t take much effort. To describe how she had won was indeed a tough thing to do.

In this way… could it be that this unremarkable young lass, really had the innate talent to crush all the other geniuses among the Sacred Phoenix Race?

Huang Yueli took a look at his confused expression as her lips curled upwards but she kept silent, letting his imagination run wild.

Actually, what she had said earlier, was not to trick Huang Zixiao.

Because she was able to use a time frame of less than a year, before she was able to attain at the same cultivation level as the other heaven grade geniuses, who had spent many years, although there were other elements mixed in this, but in totality, this also proved that she indeed was much stronger than the other geniuses! At least in terms of cultivation speed, she seemed to be much more outstanding, shining above the others!

She paused for a moment before she switched topics.

“That’s right, Senior, since I’ve already passed the second stage of refinement perfectly, then am I entitled to a reward? You know, if it wasn’t for the advantages, I wouldn’t take part in some refinement!”

Huang Zixiao took a helpless glance at her, as he almost forgot that this young lass was not only an incomprehensible genius, she also had an incomprehensible money grubber!

“Of course you’d have a part of the reward, follow me!”

Saying that, Huang Zixiao waved his hand and a large door appeared in mid-air once again, as he led Huang Yueli into it.

Huang Yueli walked in and took a look and felt slightly surprised.

She had thought that behind this door, was a treasure vault, pill refining room, or at worse, a secret room?

In the end, there was actually a huge hot spring and the water within gave out a strange crimson colour, and it was obviously boiling hot, as smoke kept fuming out.

“This…. what is this?”

Huang Zixiao replied, “This is your reward for scoring perfectly in the second stage of refinement!”

Huang Yueli went into a blank, “Ah? But… this, how am I supposed to take this back?”

Hearing that, Huang Zixiao’s eyebrow twitched as he replied in a sarcastic tone, “Still want to bring this back, keep wishing! The reward that you have won….. is to soak in it once!”

Huang Yueli blinked her eyes and following that, she made an action which showed that she was spitting up blood.

“What on earth? I’ve expended so much energy, risking my life to pass through so many stages, in the end just let me soak in this once? This deal feels like I’ve lost out a big deal!”

This scheming merchant tone made Huang Zixiao almost lose his calm as he tried his best to tone himself down, “Looks like you’re despising this? Since you don’t want to soak in it then forget it. There are plenty of people who can’t wait to grab this opportunity! What do you think is in this hot spring? Just ordinary spring water?”

“Surely not to that extent right? I think, probably some spirit spring in the God Realm?” Huang Yueli guessed.

Huang Zixiao sneered, “Spirit spring water? Don’t belittle the Sacred Phoenix Race!”