Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1145

Chapter 1145 Phoenixs Blood 3

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“How would the Sacred Phoenix Race use that measly thing as a reward? Although God Realm indeed has a God grade spirit spring which could improve one’s cultivation by leaps and bounds, but this hot spring water is much more valuable than that kind of spirit spring!”

Hearing that, Huang Yueli’s spirits was lifted immediately, “Really? What kind of water is this?”

Since Huang Zixiao didn’t even care about the God grade’s spirit spring water, it went to show that this reward really was very valuable.

Huang Zixiao used the corner of his eyes as he shot a glance at Little Phoenix who was tugging at Huang Yueli’s hem as he slowly revealed the answer, “This is Phoenix’s blood!”



He had just finished his last word when two shocked voices were heard ringing at the same time.

Huang Yueli’s tone was shocked and joyous, as the expression in her eyes immediately turned different.

How valuable was the Phoenix, a spiritual beast’s blood, that didn’t require anyone to tell her! Anyone knew that if they could use a spiritual beast, like the True Dragon or True Phoenix’s blood to clean their entire body, the effect was to cleanse their meridians and expand their arteries, giving a huge leap to their physique!

To a practitioner, their usual way of cultivation was mainly to absorb the Heaven and Earth’s Profound Qi, using it to expand their arteries and expanding their Dantian, but towards their own physical bodies, to improve it through cultivation was very difficult. Although there were specialised ways to strengthen their bodies using some secret cultivation methods, but the effect was not as good as compared to cultivating Profound Qi.

So although everyone knew that it was important to strengthen their own bodies, but there seemed to be no way to do so.

Because to strengthen one’s physical body, they mainly needed to use some rare treasures but those were something which they hoped to obtain but could not wished for! Whereas among these rare treasures, the most, most valuable of it all were spiritual beast’s blood!

Of course, there was no longer any more spiritual beasts in Soaring Heavens Continent, so using the spiritual beast’s blood to strengthen one’s body, this only existed in Ancient manuals and legends…

But now, Huang Yueli was facing a pool of Phoenix Blood, furthermore… such a huge pool of it!

Not only could she use it to clean her body, she could even soak in it!

Just what concept was this?

Huang Yueli felt that she was in a dream! She only had one thought right now, Sacred Phoenix Race was indeed a true God Realm aristocrat, the definition of this was called rich and imposing!

Just as Huang Yueli was getting excited, Little Wang Cai’s heart was filled with shock and fury.

He used his sharp and tender little shota voice to scream out loud, “What? How could you be like this? How can you kill Phoenixes and let out their blood?? How could such a cruel, terrifying and scary matter happen? This is an absolute humiliation and maltreatment to us Phoenix Race!”

He was feeling indignant at injustice as his little body started to shake entirely.

Huang Yueli had yet been able to pacify him in time when Huang Zixiao opened his mouth, “Why? We killed Phoenixes and let out their blood, what can you do about it? Cry out some more, beware that I’ll kill you as well and let out your blood!”

“YOU—–!!” Little Wang Cai shook even more violently, as though it was about to faint at any moment.

Huang Yueli helplessly rolled her eyes as she said, “Senior, earlier when I was in the refinement, had my Little Wang Cai offended you somehow? Please stop scaring him, he’s still young, and isn’t used to be scared!”

She didn’t believe that the Sacred Phoenix Race would kill Phoenixes and let out their blood. After all, this clan used ‘Phoenix’ as part of its name and furthermore there were often heaven grade geniuses who could contract Phoenixes, so that meant that Sacred Phoenix Race and the Phoenix Race’s relation should be rather good.

Huang Zixiao had said those, obviously intentionally, so she didn’t knew what trouble the little fellow Wang Cai had gotten into again?