Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1146

Chapter 1146 Phoenixs Blood 4

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Huang Zixiao gave a humpf and he lectured, “This phoenix of yours is really trashy, all because of how you have pampered him! I have a book here <>. Later before you leave, I’ll give it to you, so bring it back and learn from it properly!”

Huang Yueli immediately replied, “Okay, that’s just great! I’m grateful to Senior!”

She had long suspected, why her little phoenix didn’t grow up, so it’s because the method which she reared it wasn’t correct. Huang Zixiao was so generous to send her a book on rearing phoenixes, such a good thing, it would be weird if she didn’t agree to it!

Although she knew that it was because of her outstanding potential, so Huang Zixiao was trying to entice her but Huang Yueli was still rather grateful.

But Little Wang Cai, on hearing these words, seemed to be standing on an empty field as the skies were filled with lightning, and it had just struck onto his head as he was struck dumb.

Finished, finished, it’s all finished! Earlier that evil intentioned old man said he should be eating chicken drumsticks and now he even gave female devil a guide book on how to rear phoenixes! There was no need to even think, to know that there must be several ways in it on how to torture it!

Female devil was already malicious enough, and how with this <>, his future days…. Will there still be any good days to pass?

But, not waiting for Little Wang Cai to protest, Huang Zixiao suddenly changed topics as he pointed to the red water and said, “This is real Phoenix blood, but it wasn’t obtained by hunting for phoenixes. Ten thousand years ago, the Sacred Phoenix Race’s Clan Leader had contracted an extremely powerful Phoenix spiritual beast. But the clan leader had unfortunately died in a battle within the God Realm. His phoenix didn’t want to live alone so it decided to end its own life. Before its death, it agreed to donate all its blood to the Sacred Phoenix Race.”

“That year, Sacred Phoenix Race wasn’t as strong as it is now, this Phoenix Blood Pool, was one of the flourishing reliance that we had! Numerous arrays were set up around its surroundings, and using a huge amount of rare treasure, did we managed to ensure that the Phoenix Blood Pool staying intact even after ten thousand years, and even till today, it’s major effect to cleanse meridians and strengthen arteries!”

Huang Yueli’s expression was filled with admiration, “This is so incredible!”

But Little Wang Cai however still put on a look which didn’t believed in him as it questioned, “Who are you trying to bluff? One Phoenix had that much blood? How many Phoenixes did you all murder, to obtain such a big pool of blood? Or should it be said, after murdering the phoenix, then considered as ‘donation’?”

Huang Zixiao shot him a glance filled with disdain as he sneered, “You think all Phoenixes are suffering from dysplasia like you? To tell you the truth, a true matured phoenix, it’s wings extends to several thousand miles, and when it’s soaring up into the sky, it’s already to hide the sky and cover the earth, extremely overbearing! This is just a portion of the phoenix blood which was left by that phoenix, a large portion of it is stored away in God Realm’s clan. If every phoenix were like you, would they even dare to be called as a spiritual beast? What difference are you from those mother hens who other people rear in their backyards?”

“You….. You…..”

Little Wang Cai had thought that it’s questions were witty but it had not expected to be looked down upon, and got so worked up that it almost fainted.

Huang Yueli saw that both of them were not on the same page and deeply worried that they might start arguing again so she caught Little Phoenix and threw him back into the Sky Phoenix Ring.

In this way, they weren’t able to argue but after Little Phoenix was confined, he was overturning the skies inside as he tried his hardest, hooting about in the Sky Phoenix Ring, asking Huang Yueli to let him out immediately!