Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1156

Chapter 1156 Counter Kill 3

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Ling Wenbin stared intently on Huang Yueli as he gave an eerie laugh.

“Little slut, stop struggling. Do you think that saying a few words would distract me? Let me tell you, I’ll absolutely not let you off today, and I will make you die pitifully. Oh, no, perhaps I should kill you, I should cut your legs off, and snatch away all your treasures, then tie you here to let you die of starvation, heh heh heh…..”

His laughter was especially terrifying.

If anyone were to see him, they would probably feel that they had just seen a living ghost, or probably even more terrifying than a ghost!

However, Huang Yueli merely shrugged her shoulders and there wasn’t much changes in her expression.

“You’re already so old, why do you say such vicious things? But since you’re pretty pitiful, you want to die but not able to, it’s just inhumane! I shall do a good deed and send you off!”

“Looking for death!”

Ling Wenbin originally wanted to admire Huang Yueli’s hopeless expression, but things didn’t go according to his wish!

He was so angry that he almost went insane, and he wasn’t able to tolerate much further as he used all the Profound Energy in his entire body, throwing all his killer moves towards Huang Yueli!

Huang Yueli calmly evaded his attacks easily, as a surging fire attributed Profound Energy was unleashed, directly charging towards Ling Wenbin!

The present her, as compared to when she just entered the huge stone array, was no longer the same!

From third stage realm peak, to the current fourth stage realm peak, she had completed the crossover to a large realm!

Not only so, after the process of cleansing her meridians and widening her arteries, her physical body’s toughness was now something which ordinary practitioners could not imagine. At the same time, her speed, strength, endurance and defence powers had also raised significantly! Even the Profound Energy,which gather in her meridians and the speed of recovery, had all increased by several times as compared to previously!

Furthermore, she had just advanced successfully, and her drive was flourishing, her entire body’s Profound Energy was pure and dense, as though it was about to flow out in abundance!

Not only that, this huge stone array was the spirit gathering array which the Sacred Phoenix Race specially set up, and the fire attributed Profound Energy inside was the most abundant.

With the various elements adding up, when Huang Yueli struck, although it was just a fire ray flasing, but within two breaths time, it had already rose into an eye catching sea of fire!

The raging flames occupied Ling Wenbin’s entire view, as it covered the sky and earth, mountainous waves overturning the sea!

Such powerful presence, made Ling Wenbin totally stunned, unable to respond.

He knew that he should evade, but under such oppression, he felt that he wasn’t facing Huang Yueli, but a ninth stage realm top expert! There was no leeway and hope to struggle!

It was until the fire sea had burnt his body when Ling Wenbin finally gave a terrifying shrill!

“No——! Impossible! How could this….. be….”

He couldn’t understood why, and couldn’t possibly be resigned to it!

How was it that when he faced Huang Yueli, he didn’t had any single bit of resistance at all?

It was clear that when the both of them entered the huge stone array, Huang Yueli could only escape right in front of him, and finally when she fell into his clutches, this lass’s ability against his was like heaven and earth!

Although later on he suffered heavy injuries, but a dead starved camel was still bigger than a horse. His cultivation was still at sixth stage realm, as compared to the third stage realm Huang Yueli, he still had an overwhelming advantage!

Even if Haung Yueli had obtained more treasures in the tower, but surely it wasn’t possible for her to gain the potential to defeat him in just slightly over a month?

How could it be possible for him….. to be defeated in the hands of this wretched lass??