Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1162

Chapter 1162 To Celestial Light Sect 4

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“Totally! Only Eldest Young Miss, this kind of peerless beauty, has the right to stand next to Young Sect Master!”

“Eldest Young Miss please be assured, we will definitely find that little slut!”

The guards were hollering loudly to express their loyalty as they left filled with determination.

A sinister glint flashed beneath Murong Fei’s eyes, as she gritted her teeth and spat out, “Hmph, Bai Ruoli, since you dare to go against me, then don’t blame me for being vicious! As long as you die, one day, Eldest Senior Brother will realise that I’m the one who treats him the best, the most passionate! Since you’ve already parted ways with Eldest Senior Brother, then might as well cut of off cleanly, it’d be best if the both of you belonged to different worlds, so you better not appear for the rest of your life!”

Murong Fei clenched her fists as she turned and walked into the deep end of the Sect.

Following that, as the distance was just too far away, even if it was Huang Yueli, she could not hear any other things.

That was when she finally showed herself from the big tree which she was hiding behind, and her slender brows rose slightly, feeling that this matter was a little hard to deal with.

Murong Fei wanted her life, she wasn’t surprised at all. Even the fact that Murong Fei colluded with Ling Wenbin, this was also within her expectations.

But Huang Yueli had not expected Murong Fei to hate her so much. Besides that she had already been very careful, she had mysteriously gone missing for more than a month, but Murong Fei still wanted her life so badly that she ordered her man to dig three meters underground to find her!

Huang Yueli originally thought, of finding an excuse, to express her identity to the guards. Even if she could not meet Li Moying himself, but as long as she was able to see one of his Shadow Guards, she would be able to stay in Celestial Light Sect openly, and someone would inform Li Moying of her when he’s back.

However, after she saw Murong Fei, she couldn’t help but admitted that her initial thinking was just too simple.

Li Moying had brought all his Shadow Guards away, so now there wasn’t a single person whom she knew in the entire Celestial Light Sect.

Plus the fact that there was a Murong Fei who eyes covetously, if she found out about her whereabouts…..

Huang Yueli wasn’t afraid of Murong Fei taking a move against her personally. Ever since her advancement, Murong Fei was no longer her match.

But such a large Sect like Celestial Light Sect, after all the concrete background runs deep, and every single Elder were at least of eight stage realm cultivation.

If she really fought with Murong Fei in Celestial Light Sect, under the circumstances where Li Moying was not there to aid her, if Murong Fei were to find the Elders for help, then her life would be in peril!

No, there was no way she would take this kind of risk!

But for her to leave like this, she didn’t knew where to look for Li Moying…..

Could it be that, she had to wait at the entrance of Celestial Light Sect daily, waiting for his return?

But heavens knows when Li Moying would return? If he set his heart, that if he couldn’t find her, he would not return! Then wouldn’t she be waiting in vain?

Just as Huang Yueli was at a loss, and she was indecisive, another burst of bustle was heard from Celestial Light Sect’s main entrance.

Yet another carriage stopped at the mountain entrance.

This carriage, as compared to the one which Murong Fei sat in, was obviously of much lower class, and the magical beast which was pulling the carriage was an ordinary first tier magical beast. The cabin was very large, apparently there were many people who were seated inside.

The carriage stopped, and a lot of people got off from the cabin, there were a total of ten over people.

Huang Yueli raised her head and was silently shocked, because these ten people were people whom she had met before, they were all Celestial Light Academy’s students!