Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 117

Chapter 117 Waiting For You To Mature Into A Little Steamed Bun
Chapter 117 Waiting for you to mature into a little steamed bun

Slender eyebrows raised, Huang Yue Li was about to withdraw her hand.

Unexpectedly, the man firmly gripped onto her lean wrist.

What? This Lord assisted you in earning this much money and you dont show the least bit of gratefulness? Playing with her slender jade fingers, the mans mouth hooked up again. Murmuring in a low voice, it became huskier and even more seductive.

This man.was born with the innate ability to seduce females. Even if his appearance was not visible, his overbearing power and charismatic demonism was more than enough to make others lose sense of themselves.

Huang Yue Li was the exception.

Sweeping her gaze over the man, she said cooly: Release your hand. I dont like others touching me!

He smiled: Not releasing. This Lord is afraid you will go back on your word! How about this, tell me how you will repay this Lord

Huang Yue Li responded: Your skin sure is thick. Thousand Treasure Pavilion had originally planned to take their portion of commission from this auction. I will not go back on my word! Your intention is for me to compensate you through another means? Since you are this miserly, I will increased your comission by one fold. This should be fine? This is the first time I am meeting such a petty person!

The mans mouth parted.

This little girls mouth really was toxic. Said he was petty?

Very good. This account he shall remember it well. In the future, he will show her how much of a magnanimous man he was!

Unknown to what charming scene he had imagined, the man revealed a pleasant smile.

Money, this Lord does not put in his eyes. Profound armaments, this Lord is also not lacking in. If you want to use commission to deal with this Lord, this will be unacceptable. But if you were to devote your heart..

The man scanned her from top to bottom. Puffing out in laughter: When your two poached eggs can grow to the size of little steamed buns, then this Lord can think about it!

What poached eggs? Little steamed buns?

All Huang Yue Li felt was the strangeness in the mans smile. But blanking out for a short while, she realised what he meant.

Instantly her cool and calm face turned into a resentful ont!

As Huang Yue Li stared at those perfectly shaped lips, she really wished she could rip them to shreds! A dogs mouth will never be able to spit out ivory!

(Z: A rouges mouth will never sprout cultured or valuable words.)

Constantly she had told herself, that before the auction finished, the man still held great value. Plus, she was currently within his territory. If she were to go up against him now, it would put her at a great disadvantage. Hence her self-control and not presenting him a slap on the cheek.

When the man saw the little foxs gaze become more and more malevolent, he decided to quit while he was ahead.

Slow retracting his hand, he said coolly: Tsk tsk. Just making a small joke. Little thing, you have such a big temper! Such a violent woman, careful you cannot be married off in the future!

This is a case of taking advantage and still asking them to be obedient!

Huang Yue Li raised her chin and frostily said: What does that have to do with you? You should worry more about yourself! Always finding the flaws in others, so be careful that you dont age prematurely. Otherwise in the a few years time, then that place might become useless!

Because the man was drinking some tea, he choked on his tea when he heard her words. He coughed for quite some time before recovering.

Was it necessary for this little fox to be this poisonous? Did she really have to curse him so?

Did she have even a little bit of a conscience?

Furthermore, if he were to become incompetent, wouldnt be her bad luck?

Luckily Huang Yue Li was oblivious to the mans inner thoughts. Otherwise a great battle would erupt in this private room!

While these two people were in the midst of their quarrel, the auction below had gone through various rounds already.

One by one, each of Huang Yue Lis profound armaments were carried one stage. Each profound armaments bidding reached outstanding heights.