Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 119

Chapter 119 How Much.can One Jin Of Reputation Be Worth?
Chapter 119 How much.can one jin of reputation be worth?

Holding onto his beard, Manager Sun said in a stern tone: Our Thousand Treasure Pavilion businesses were always honest and upright. How could we possible lie to everyone? Since this profound armor set became the highlight product of this auction, it would also be tested on site to reveal its effects for all to see!

Then he smiled and said: Below, the Armament Guilds Vice President Yan who will personally test this profound armor for us!

Grandmaster Yan? Did I hear incorrectly?

Its actually Grandmaster Yan!

Thousand Treasure Pavilion really isnt simple. To be able to invite Grandmaster Yan to personally test this work!

The audience marvelled at Thousand Treasure Pavilions large influence in shock!

One must know that the Armament Guild was a very arrogant group. To invite them to test credibility of a product, in their view, was a degrading task. And only those lower class people would do such a thing. Towards such a respectable profession, an Armament Master would not undertake such a dangerous job.

Not to mention that Grandmaster Yan was a stately Third Tiered Armament Master. In South Yue, he was a highly respected and famous old man.

It was simply a miracle for thousand Treasure Pavilion to invite such a character!

As Manager Sun listened to those praises, his smile turned very mysterious and unreadable.

In actuality, he knew the truth far better than anyone else. The reason behind Grandmaster Yans trip today was not through his invitation, but out of his own wishes!

Grandmaster Yan most definitely did not come on behalf of Thousand Treasure Pavilions face. He came purely because he was impressed but such high levelled work seen through this profound armor set. Even at the expense of several trips to request to examine the piece, he was still declined. In order to grab the opportunity to have a close examination of this work of art, he even volunteered to test it at the auction! Sacrificing himself.

Unfortunately, even if he was ready to put his life on the line, the mysterious master would also refuse to see him..

Under the supervision of Grandmaster Yan, the test process was carried out in a strict and orderly manner.

Meanwhile in the private room, the legendary creator Huang Yue Li merely hooked her lips in an arc, a ray of sharp light passing through her eyes.

Sitting to her side, the lord of Thousand Treasure Pavilion, narrowed his eyes slightly when he saw her sly smile.

This little foxwhat ghostly idea is she thinking of again?

Coincidentally, Huang Yue Li turned towards him, making eye contact.

Huang Yue Li then revealed a toothy grin and said: Lord Owner, I have an idea. I wish for you to lend me a few of your bodyguards to use. This will enable for this profound armament to sell for a higher price. Do you have an interest?

The man became startled momentarily, not answering immediately.

When this little girl exposed her two rows of orderly and white teeth, those light pink lips were like cherry blossoms, incomparably beautiful and lovely.

Just like misty pearls, suddenly releasing a dazzling brilliance. Simply breathtaking.

More importantly, it was the first time that the little fox laughed so amicably towards him. It even seemed a bit illogical.

The man slowly spat out two words: No interest!

You! That smile disappearing instantly from the little foxs face. Turning fierce, she stared at him, Did you not say that you will make money for me? Lord Owner, why are you backing out so soon? A man should possess a little credibility no? Okay?

The man shrugged his shoulders and said, How much.can one jin of reputation be worth? Can you use it to feed yourself?

The tone he spoke in was not particularly dull. But in the current situation and under that circumstance, it seemed especially flat in Huang Yue Lis ears!

Your face is really thicker than the walls!

Flattery, flattery. The man turned the topic around, However, if you are willing to kiss this Lord..then this Lord can consider helping you.