Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1192

Chapter 1192 Li Moyings Turf 4

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It was so late already, who would come looking for them at this hour?

Huang Yueli and Su Qingyue exchanged glances as they cried out, “Come in!”

The room door was pushed open, and the person who walked in was actually Su Jiasheng.

As the top ten female student in Martial Arts Stage, she was also a famous person in the academy, but Huang Yueli and Su Qingyue didn’t have much dealings with her before.

It was only during this early afternoon, when they were being allocated factotums, Su Jiasheng spoke a few words to them.

Huang Yueli curiously asked, “Senior Sister Su, why have you come? Please do take a seat inside!”

Su Jiasheng bore a terrified expression and refused to sit, but took a huge stride towards her as she spoke anxiously, “Junior Sister Ye, you’re still so carefree, so happy! Do you know that, you’ve been schemed today??”

Su Qingyue was shocked, “Really? Why do you say that? Someone is scheming against Junior Sister Ye?”

But Huang Yueli didn’t take it to heart as she smiled saying, “It’s very normal for someone to scheme against me. Senior Sister Su, don’t be overly anxious, come, sit down and talk slowly, I have just brewed a pot of tea…..”

“Aiya, you still have the mood to drink tea!” Su Jiacheng was so anxious that her heart was jumping out of her mouth, “The beautiful task you received today, to clean up Young Sect Master’s courtyard, are you especially happy about it? But why didn’t you consider the fact that, after beating up Fatty Wang to that state, why would Administrator Chen help you, instead of scheming against you? I’m telling you, there’s a huge plot behind all this!”

“Plot? What plot?”

Huang Yueli blinked as she asked curiously.

Actually she had indeed been puzzled for an entire day, regarding what Administrator Chen was plotting behind her back. But she thought for an entire day and still couldn’t figure out what they were plotting which could cause any threat to her?

On hearing that, Su Jiacheng thought that she had finally realised the seriousness of the matter as she hurried on, “Today I came back slightly later and on my way back, I heard someone talking in a corner. I thought the voice sounded familiar so I stopped to eavesdrop a little more. Then I discovered that the person talking was actually Fatty Wang and a friend of his! They were discussing how to deal with you!”

Huang Yueli’s interest was perked as she smiled, “What did he say?”

Su Jiacheng stared at her, “You… ai, Juior Sister Ye, can you stop smiling, this isn’t funny at all! Fatty Wang’s friend asked him: Administrator Chen actually could allocate factotums for Young Sect Master’s courtyard, such a great task, why didn’t he give it to him, but to allocate it to you, his foe, instead?”

“Fatty Wang then started bursting out into laughter, saying you think it’s a beautiful task? Actually this is something which he and the Administrator had planned! It was said that ever since Young Sect Master went to Celestial Light Academy, his mood took a huge change and those staying by his side were simply like accompanying a tiger instead of a gentleman, faulted at every turn! Even his most pampered Shadow Guard Mo Yi had been locked up in the water jail! Many of Young Sect Master courtyard’s servants had offended him while he was fuming, and all been dealt with seriously. There were several of them who had made him so angry that they were executed on the spot!”

When Huang Yueli heard that, she couldn’t help but wiped the sweat off her forehead.

“Surely it cannot be so right, angry to such a state…. Things are indeed a little bad…..”

Tomorrow when Li Moying saw her, would he be so agitated that his illness acted up?

Su Jiasheng saw her pale look, and misunderstood thinking that she was finally afraid as she continued, “Fatty Wang didn’t seemed like he knew what happened to Young Sect Master but as Celestial Light Academy’s students, it’s not hard to guess, it must be because of Bai Ruoli’s disappearance!”