Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1195

Chapter 1195 Focus Of Attention 2

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Huang Yueli’s eyes opened wide, as it was fixated onto him without blinking, feeling that she was forgetting about how to breathe.

She discovered that Li Moying seemed to become better looking, furthermore…. he seemed to become more and more alike Mu Chengying.

This kind of similarly, was not only in terms of looks, but in terms of the presence, possibly due to his increasing age, which made his elegant contours gradually turn rigid, adding a matured man’s look.

At this moment, the front mountain was totally silent, and it was until Li Moying was about to pass by when Administrator Chen reminded from the back, “Hey, what are you in a daze for? Didn’t I ask you to welcome Young Sect Master back to the Sect?”

All of them were rudely poked awake from their beautiful dream as they urgently cried out loudly, “Welcome Young Sect Master!”

But Li Moying was still expressionless, as though he hadn’t heard anything at all, as he continued trudging forward.

Huang Yueli almost cried out to him, but at the last moment, she recalled that she was in front of Celestial Light Sect’s entrance, and there were too many people here, so it wasn’t suitable as a place for talking…..

After Li Moying walked further away, the young ladies in line started to get excited.

“Wow….. Young Sect Master is really good looking, the moment when he walked over, I felt that I was about to suffocate! His name indeed…. isn’t in vain!”

“Young Sect Master’s presence is really strong, he’s only twenty years old and already at seventh stage realm. This kind of potential…. Simply surpassed everyone’s imagination!”

“That’s right, he’s so handsome and so powerful, whoever marries Young Sect Master, is really too fortunate! Even if you ask me to become Young Sect Master’s concubine, I’m willing!”

“Chey, just based on you! Who is young Sect Master? He has plenty of maids who can warm up his bed, and there’re plenty of large sect’s young Missies who would automatically offer themselves! Wish for your turn?”

“Furthermore, Young Sect Master seems to be getting engaged with Sect Master’s Eldest Young Miss Murong Fei!”


“How could that be possible??”

Hearing this gossip, several of them started shrieking loudly, and they were all Celestial Light Academy’s students.

They had personally witnessed Li Moying and Huang Yueli’s unrestrained endearing love for each other in every single corner of the academy. Later on, Huang Yueli’s disappearance made Li Moying super anxious, which was what many had seen as well.

But now, the people from Celestial Light Sect actually said that…. Li Moying was going to get engaged to Murong Fei?

But, when he was in the academy, Young Sect Master obviously said that Junior Sister Bai was his fiancée?

The person who started talking about the gossip was a young lady with a goose egg shaped face, and she was already in her third year as an outer disciple.

Earlier she had merely said this casually, but she had not expected so many people to stare at her, making her feel tensed immediately.

“W… What? Have I said anything wrong? This rumour…. The entire Sect knows about it? Young Sect Master and Eldest Young Miss were childhood friends, and Sect Master had always wished for both of them to get married whereas Eldest Young Miss had always admired Young Sect Master, but he had always had his mind on cultivation, with no feelings put on…..onto…..”

When Huang Yueli heard that, she wasn’t angry, but the corners of her mouth started to twitch.

Li Moying always had his mind on cultivation, with no feelings on*********?

Apologies, she couldn’t tell that at all. She could only see that when Li Moying’s beastly traits acted up, he really didn’t seem like a human!

That goose egg shaped young lady continued, “But, this time Young Sect Master went out on a training experience, and actually brought Eldest Young Miss along. Both of them even sat on the same flying ship back, looks like their relationship had taken a huge step forward. So, everyone said, this round…. Their wedding bells should be nearing!”